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Study Abroad and Play for Brazilian Football Academy / Club

Samba, Carnaval, Beaches, Futebol!…Come experience life in Brazil while playing with a Brazilian soccer club!

Brazil is South America’s largest country, and the world’s fifth largest by both geography and population. From the Amazon jungle in the East to the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil offers a vast diversity in land and culture. The warm people, exciting cities and colonial towns, a wide range of weather patterns, and an awesome mixture of cultures and races, Brazil is a fascinating country!

Students who choose an academic year or a semester program in Brazil will live with a host family, attend a local public high school, and play with a competitive Brazilian soccer club. IFX partner Brazilian Soccer Academies/clubs are located throughout Brazil within the communities where our players are placed with host families and schools.



For academic year and semester programs, students will attend a local high school with a wide range of coursework and curriculum. Classes are challenging with expectations of completion of coursework not only in, but outside the classroom. Students are required to take certain core courses, which generally include: Portuguese language, literature, foreign language, philosophy, and physical education. Additionally, students may choose one optional area of study to broaden their curriculum including: arts, science or technology.

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Brazil Soccer: Futebol

Brazil is one of the top footballing nations in the world. Combining the athleticism and tactics of the European style with a magical, improvised flair, the Brazilian style is both beautiful and effective.

With a passion for the sport dating back over a century, Brazil’s extensive professional and amateur systems ensure sustainable production of world class talent.

IFX players are placed within a competitive Brazilian soccer academy (youth soccer club) fit to their level. Players are placed within a challenging football environment that allows tremendous opportunity for development.

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*Late applications considered on a case by case basis.
*All dates are approximations and vary from year to year
NOTE: The IFX program to Brazil has limited capacity, so students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the application deadlines.

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