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Whether it's our German soccer academy in Nuremberg, or soccer exchange program placing students / players throughout Germany, or our Bayern soccer camp in Fürth, IFX has many wonderful programs in German cities that offer a myriad of tourist and cultural attractions.


Visit Nuremberg!

Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is a beautiful and charming city about 1 hour north of Munich, with its earliest establishment dating back 1000 years! This medieval looking walled city boasts a castle (Kaiserburg) perched upon the hill overlooking the Nürnberg Altstadt (the old city) where visitors can wander aimlessly encountering countless cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. Nürnberg is home to approximately 500,000 inhabitants and is well known for the worlds largest Christmas market with more than 2 million visitors annually. There is so much to do and see in Nürnberg and surrounding regions that you may just have to stay for a year, learning German and playing for a German fussball club!

IFX offers the following German football academy and camps in Nürnberg


Visit Fürth!

Lessor well known but waiting to be discovered is Nürnberg's next door neighbor, the Bavarian historical city of Fürth. Fürth is home to approximately 120,000 inhabitants and is considered to be one of the top 6 German cities with the best preserved historical buildings. Take a walk through Fürth's Gustavstrasse and witness the German Fachwerk architecture and charming Gasses (alleys) and cafes.

IFX offers the following education and soccer programs in Fürth:


Visit Köln and the Ruhrgebiet!

Cologne (Köln) is one of Germany's most famous cities and home to the world famous Kölner Dom, considered one of Europe's most famous and largest cathedrals. Köln is a major Germany city home to approximately 1 million inhabitants. Located in the industrial and economically rich region of the Ruhrgebiet, Köln is close to many famous football cities like Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Leverkusen, Essen and more! No stranger to football themselves, Köln is proud of their very own Bundesliga club FC Köln!

IFX works together with partner organizations in the region of Köln and has many placements in this region for the following soccer exchange program:

  • German Fussball Academy  (13 - 17, Full Season / Half Season, High School soccer exchange program) Youth Year IFX Germany

*Please note, placements in Köln and surrounding region is not guaranteed and placements may occur throughout the country of Germany.


Explore Germany!

In our Youth Year Germany program for high school aged students, placements are possible throughout the country of Germany. Over the years we have placed players to live, study and play German soccer in all corners of the country, from Hamburg to Greifswald, to Freiburg to Ludwigshafen! Germany is a country full of amazing cities, towns and villages, and incredible landscape.

We offer the following soccer exchange progrm for high school aged players in destinations throughout Germany:

  • German Fussball Academy  (13 - 17, Full Season / Half Season, High School soccer exchange program) Youth Year IFX Germany

For more information on the exact location of our German Academy program, please contact us at

  • German Football Academy (13 - 17, Full Season / Half Season, Soccer Boarding School in Germany) German Residential Football Academy

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