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Unique Places to Visit in Italy

Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel, Leaning Tower are only some examples of amazing architecture with Italy charms visitors. Furthermore, it is worth noting that going to see the Serie A Pro Italian soccer teams play live is a "beautiful" experience. If you are a soccer player looking for a true taste of Italian culture and discovery, look no further! IFX offers unique opportunity to explore Italy in some exciting and beautiful Italian cities. We are happy to assist you planning a trip to magical Italy!


Visit Modena!

Modena is a medium sized Italian city in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, and well known for the origin location of world renowned luxury automobiles Ferrari and Lamborghini. Visit the Ferrari Museum or Lamborghini Museum, find your way to a cozy Italian cafe or bistro, or take an adventure through Modena's beautiful landscape and countryside! Life the Dolce Vita!

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Visit Carpi!

If you like parmesan cheese or a calm yet fascinating medium sized Italian town, Carpi has a lot to offer. Located in northern Italy in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Carpi's history dates back over 1200 years! Explore Carpi's ancient beginnings and historic architecture, cozy up in an Italian cafe, and enjoy some of the freshest and best authentic parmesan cheese, native to this region of Italy.

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