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Full Academic Year Education Program with Soccer Training & Development — Placement with Semi-Professional/Amateur German Football Clubs

IFX participants are enrolled either into an intensive German language school to learn how to read, write and speak the German language or into our partner Business School/University. In the University program, students pursue either an undergraduate Bachelor's Degree or Graduate Master's Degree. Students will be provided with accommodations during their participation of the program. Accommodations are shared apartments with other roommates from around the world.

A full immersion into the German culture is one of the main goals of our program.

This immersion program enables competitive participants over the age of 18 the opportunity to play soccer for a German semi-professional/Amateur club for one full or one half season. Players are placed to train and compete with a German club according to their level of play. An initial evaluation period upon arrival in Germany determines club placement.


German Language School

Located in the heart of Bavaria, Germany, our Pro IFX Year program enrolls each player in our partner language institute, for intensive German language lessons for the duration of the program. Participants are placed in classes according to their level of German, whether beginning, intermediate or advanced.

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University Business School

In addition to our language school option, IFX offers an undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees in International Management as well as a Master’s Degrees in Management through a top private Business School in Nürnberg, Germany. All courses are taught in English as the universal business language. The school embraces an international mindset, with partner Universities throughout the globe and an international student body.


Leisure Activities

Although your schedule will be occupied with your language school or University courses and soccer training, Germany offers many wonderful activities to enjoy during your free time. Germans typically are very active and enjoy biking, hiking, swimming, and of course Fussball – soccer. Music, the arts, and theater are strongly supported in Germany, with many opportunities for attending local concerts, street festivals, and plays.

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Sports: Fussball/Soccer

In addition to our educational part we offer each participant the chance to get to know the German culture and people by connecting them to the number 1 sport in Germany: Soccer! As one of the world’s footballing superpowers, Germany is home to some of the finest professional European clubs and players. Their extensive league system is comprised of multiple professional and semi-professional clubs that compete for

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Germany Goalkeeper Training Program

Goalkeepers have the option to get additional specific goalkeeper training on a weekly basis in addition to their regular club training. IFX Germany goalies are trained by professional goalkeeper trainers, some of which have had professional experience as a goalkeeper and goalkeeper trainer for Bundesliga clubs.Goalkeeper training drills used by professional clubs throughout Germany are orchestrated by the IFX GK trainer.

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*Late applications accepted on a case-by-case basis.
*Goalkeeper Training Program fee is in addition to the base program fee
*For staying in the IFX Haus, there is an additional charge of $1500 per season, or $750 per half season in addition the the base program price.

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