Explore Zaragoza, Spain! The ancient capital of Aragon

Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain


A city with 2000 Years of History

Famous for its folklore, gastronomy, and landmarks including the Aljaferia Palac and Basilica del Pilar, Zaragoza is the capital city of Aragon, one of Spain's northern provinces, and lies on the Ebro river. The city has been formed and touched by many civilizations over the past two millennia, including the Romans, Moors, Jews and Christians alike.

Lesser known than Spain's largest cities, Zaragoza is perhaps surprisingly Spain's fifth largest city. Zaragoza offers tourists as well as residents many opportunities for leisure and enjoyment. For lovers of architecture, it is home to some of the best Moorish architecture outside of Andalusia. It has some of the best works from the famous Spanish artist Francisco de Goya on display at the Colletion Ibercaja Museum Zaragoza Goya. And for those lovers of gastronomy and nightlife, Zaragoza has that too! Enjoy its famous traditional cuisine unique to the region and the many cafes and romantic winding Spanish streets.


Zaragoza Attractions

With a major international airport and easy access from both Barcelona and Madrid, Zaragoza is an easily accessible destination for both short and long term stays. Zaragoza's most popular attractions include:

  • Aljafería Palace - Built during the 2nd half of the 11th century,  this grand palace and fortress is filled with ornate Arabic arches and intricate carvings
  • Collection Ibercaja Museum Zaragoza Goya - 15 of the famous Spanish artist Francisco de Goya's most important works are on display at this museum
  • Roman ruins - Ancient Roman ruins of the Teatro Romano dating back nearly 2 millenia
  • Countless cafes, restaurants and more!

Zaragoza Cuisine

Like many regions in Spain, Aragón enjoys its very own local cuisine. Very different than other regions in Spain, Aragonese cuisine features many types of hearty stews, stuffed with various kinds of vegetables and meat, many types of quality produce including onions from Fuentes and asparagus grown on the banks of the Ebro river.

Zaragoza is also very well known for various kinds of fruit. When visiting Zaragoza, don't miss trying their lamb, cod al ajoarriero, pork loin sausage and cured ham!


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