IFX Newcomer Rory McParland signs for Barcelona football club Espluguenc

Irish-Canadian footballer Rory McParland signs mid-season with CFA Espluguenc Juvenil – Barcelona

FIFA Approves First International Fixture for Kosovo

Wednesday March 5th 2014 was a landmark date as Kosovo made their debut on the world soccer stage. They welcomed their opponents Haiti to the ethnically divided town of Mitrovica. The backdrop and storyline has implications beyond the soccer field from a symbolic standpoint; with the ongoing battle of the young Balkan country’s quest for international acceptance, both on and off the field.

IFX Striker Tristan Watson’s Bayernliga Debut

Canadian IFX Striker Tristan Watson debuted on Saturday in the German Bayernliga, after netting several goals during the winter break in various friendlies since his arrival in Germany.

Californian Daniel Moreno a steady hand for Barcelona football club U.E. Rubi

After more than a half season since arriving in Barcelona, IFX’s Daniel Moreno, an 18 year old from California, has become U.E. Rubi’s main goalkeeper for their U19 Barcelona soccer academy squad.