International Transfer Certificate and Soccer Player Licensing

International Transfer Certificate: FIFA Regulations

Whenever a player moves from one country to another, in order to be able to play in official matches for their new club, they must go through what is called an International Transfer Certificate Request (ITC) process, in order for their registration to be transferred from their former national football federation to the new national football federation. The purpose is multi-fold and to protect clubs and players alike and to instill an organized framework for the movement of players worldwide.

IFX has extensive experience managing this complex process for our program participants of our long-term soccer and educational programs. We carefully manage the ITC process for each individual player, understanding the ins and outs of different Federation requirements, their limitations and regulations and how they might affect each player at hand.

Once a player's ITC has been approved, then the player licensing process ensues, necessary for the player to then compete in official matches. IFX also overseas the player licensing step of the process, following up with the Federations and clubs when necessary working to enable players to be able to play matches as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately the International Transfer Certificate request process is bureaucratic having to pass through many soccer bodies and can sometimes be slow. During the process, players will be able to train with their club and compete in friendly matches should there be an opportunity.

Issuance of a player's ITC and Player License will always be the decision of the National and Regional governing football federations and associations, and not in the hands of IFX. However, nearly all IFX participants have historically been approved to play official matches during their IFX program abroad, regardless of their age and nationality.

IFX is an expert in the management of International Transfer Certificates and has successfully managed hundreds of international soccer transfers over the past 19 years.

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