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Soccer Professional Training Program in Evian, France

French most professional football academy programs!

Immerse yourself in the Pro European Football culture and live an international soccer experience in the best soccer academy in France.

Live football 24/7 and follow a pro soccer regimen reaching your full potential technically, physically and educationally. The IFX French Football Academy partners with prestigious educational institutions in Europe and the U.S. to provide accredited and in English academic preparation from Middle and High School to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

The French Residential Football Academy takes place at Evian, France (45 minutes drive from Geneva International Airport). Its state-of-the-art facility has been designed for elite players granting access to professional fields and locker rooms, a performance center including a full gym and spa and other amenities and rooms on a closed and secure 6-acre domain.


French Football Academy System

The French Football Federation (FFF) is the governing body of soccer in France. The FFF runs the French National Team, World Champions in 1998 and 2018 and runners-up in 2006. The Soccer Academy System in France has a global reputation of producing some of the most gifted French Pro soccer players including Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe.

Many of the greatest football nations have adopted systems inspired by the French model, which still represents the benchmark in international training. Indeed, the greatest European clubs recruit the best French players at an increasingly early age.

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Exceptional location chosen by pro clubs!

Located in one of the safest regions in Europe, the center is under 24/7 security and surveillance and residents are monitored by housing supervisors at all times.

The Academy has implemented very strict and extensive health and safety measures to ensure our student-athletes and staff members are in the best environment to succeed.

State-of-the-art facilities designed for elite players

  • A 6-acre domain
  • Professional 11 vs 11 lighted natural and heated turf fields
  • Performance center: full gym (cardio, strength, recovery) and Spa (hydrotherapy & massage room)
  • Professional locker rooms
  • Video analysis rooms

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Academy Methodology

The professional methodology and philosophy taught and followed at IFX's partner French Football Academy is based on the fundamentals of European excellence, allowing every student-athlete to improve their performance, shaping expert vision, and developing genuine skills.

Programs are constructed to meet age-specific objectives, leading to an excellent understanding of the game. Student-athletes are prepared for success at the highest level of football in the world, leading talented players to become future champions.

Football IQ, Analysis of strengths & weaknesses, Physical development & strengthening, Mental conditioning, Formation implementation, Offensive & defensive transitions, Position-specific training sessions, Tactical study of professional teams, Individual analysis of players (training & games)...

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Designed to take elite international players from talented to unstoppable!



10* Months Pro football player development

Each year, The IFX French Football Academy welcomes a limited number of elite international players (48 spots available), ensuring a high-quality and tailored experience.

The Pro Football Training Program is designed to promote the highest values of football, to develop confident and successful players. By striving for excellence and taking full advantage of the European methodology, each student-athlete has the opportunity to build a successful life on and off the field.

(*) Pro Residency 10-Month is complemented with Middle school, High School, College or University depending on the student's age and status in school.


Pro Residency players have access to:

  • Exposure to professional football clubs
  • Integrated training sessions with Thonon Evian Grand Genève FC
  • Competition with them in the official French league depending on level and eligibility requirements
  • Online & on-site Accredited academic programs (Grades 8th – 12th plus Postgraduate | Hybrid + US curriculum, Cambridge curriculums available in English)
  • Other academics such as SAT & ACT, TOEFL & DELF, College Advisors and On-site tutors
  • Methodology and programs designed by UEFA experts
  • Comprehensive and elite competition program
  • Participation in national and international tournaments such as MICFootball in Spain

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boost your football skills in a short period of time!

The IFX French Football Academy has designed an intensive program to promote the highest values of football and to develop players’ tactical, technical and physical skills. This intensive training experience integrates the six fundamentals of professional football:

  • Mastery of technical skills
  • Pursuit of top performance
  • Commitment to physical preparation
  • Mental conditioning and leadership
  • Understanding and vision of the game
  • Smart and responsible injury prevention

HIGH PERFORMANCE CLINIC players have access to:

  • 1 up to 4 week-programs available
  • Methodology and programs designed by UEFA experts
  • Physical conditioning, therapy, balneotherapy and massage therapy
  • Professional player regimen
  • Uniform kits with professional laundry service
  • Organic and healthy meals designed by sport nutritionists
  • Medical insurance covering treatments & emergencies
  • Excursions, leisure, and cultural activities

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Immersion in training sessions of a pro team

Because there is no better way to learn how to play like a pro than to train like a pro, our Pro Residency players train with the Grand Geneva region’s biggest football club on a regular basis, in addition to their training program at the center, in a team adapted to their age group and level, following a pro European football program identical to the best pro academies in Europe.

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UEFA / FFF licensed coaching specializing in youth development

A world-class football staff

IFX student-athletes are trained by the highest-ranked technical staff, with decades of experience in football player development. This international coaching staff is comprised of professionals with the highest UEFA and FFF qualifications, some of them, former professional football players coming from all parts of Europe and Brazil who speak several languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Typical Schedule

A Typical Weekday*

  • 7:00 AM 🍎 Breakfast
  • 8:00 AM 🖥 Academic Clases
  • 1:00 PM 🥗 Lunch
  • 2:00 PM 🛏 Rest
  • 3:00 PM ⚽️ Video analysis or group brief
  • 4:00 PM ⚽️ Training
  • 6:00 AM 🏋️‍♀️ Therapy / Strength
  • 7:00 PM 🥗 Dinner
  • 8:00 PM 🎮 Free time / Activities and Study time
  • 10:00 PM 🛌 Curfew

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Program Details

Program Variations

*** FOR PRO RESIDENCY PROGRAMS: US$ 500.00 is the application fee and deductible from final price in Euros showed below | Remaining balance must be paid directly to the French Football Academy in Euros (€) due 6 weeks before the program start date. The residency program also offers a payment plan option. Please contact us for further details.

10-month with Middle & High School

Pro Residency Program

  • Pro training and competition
  • Full Middle & High school academic year
  • Room & Board
  • Excursions & Leisure activities

€ 62,000**

10-month with College & University

Pro Residency Program

  • Pro training and competition
  • Full year at Webster University Geneva
  • Room & Board
  • Excursions & Leisure activities

€ 71,000*

* Upon acceptance into the residency program with College or University option, a registration fee of €575 is due upon enrollment.
** Upon acceptance into the residency program with Full Middle & High School academic year, a registration fee of €575 and a one-time matriculation fee of €3,000 are due upon enrollment.

Medical Insurance is Mandatory. Let us know if you would like to receive a quote.

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The IFX French Football Academy has limited capacity, so students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the application deadlines.

Dates subject to modification, postponement or cancellation according to government directives concerning the health crisis. If the booked clinic week is changed, We offer two options: postponement to another week or cancellation subject to a full refund.

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