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Barcelona Soccer Academy Program for International Players

Placement with Real Barcelona Soccer Teams and Study Spanish (Placements in Zaragoza and Cádiz also available!)

Our Pro IFX Year Spain program is more than a soccer camps for adults, it enables competitive players over the age of 18 the opportunity to play for a Spanish semi-professional/Amateur Barcelona soccer team / club (or club in Zaragoza or Cádiz) for one full or one half season. Players are placed to train and compete with Spanish soccer teams according to their level of play, enabling players to experience an authentic Barcelona training environment, learning and developing alongside competitive Spanish fútbol players. An initial evaluation period upon arrival in Spain determines club placement. Players live either in a student residence or with host families and attend an intensive language institute, enabling rapid advancement in the Spanish language.


Soccer Trials in Spain and Spanish Soccer Clubs Placement

Once home to some of the world’s most beloved footballers including Raul, Ronaldiño, Figo, Ronaldo, and Beckam, Spain is perhaps the most popular country for international soccer players to dream of playing in someday (boys and girls). Spanish professional soccer clubs such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, among others, consistently dominate the most coveted European cup competitions.

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International Soccer Transfers to Spain

Once a fitting Barcelona soccer academy / team / club (or Zaragoza/Cádiz) is found, IFX carefully manages each player's international transfer certificate soccer clearance process, necessary in order for the Spanish player licensing process federated by the Spanish pro soccer association, the Real Federación Española de Fútbol. This is a careful process but one in which IFX has over 15 years of experience, having successfully transferred hundreds of players to Europe through various state and national soccer federations and associations.

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Spanish Language School

Our Pro IFX Year program enrolls each player (boys and girls) in our partner language institute, for intensive Spanish language lessons for the duration of the program. Courses include normally 10-20 hours per week of lessons covering grammar, pronunciation, conversation, and cultural subjects. Language school tuition is assessed separately from program fees.


Spain Goalkeeper Training Program

For goalkeepers who choose the Barcelona soccer school destination, we offer an optional Spanish goalkeeper specific training program at a goalkeeper school in Barcelona. In addition to the player’s regular training activities with their club, they would then be training once per week within the goalkeeper academy, getting specific goalkeeper training.


Barcelona Student Residence

Program participants looking for a more independent college style living environment may choose to live at the Melon District Marina, the largest student residence in Barcelona. With 500 rooms, it offers you accommodation of the highest quality with a fresh and dynamic design. The residence offers both single and double rooms as well as extensive services and facilities for its student residents. The facility includes kitchen lounges on each floor, a roof-deck pool, a cafeteria and more.

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Spanish Host Family Accommodation

For those participants preferring a total immersion experience into the Spanish culture and language, a host family accommodation might be the preferred accommodation selected. Participants are placed to live in carefully selected host families located in either Barcelona, Zaragoza or Cádiz, depending on the participants preferred city choice. Players who have just graduated from high school also have the option to choose to live in the student residence facility (see above).

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Additional Program Details

Academic Year, Fall and Spring Semester students are given an orientation upon arrival in Spain by their assigned local coordinator. Ongoing program support is provided by an in country program representative. Public transportation throughout Spain is very accessible. Transportation costs are the student’s responsibility, including daily transportation to and from school, and to and from soccer training if necessary.   Students will need to obtain a student visa to study in Spain and are required to apply for a residence permit for the duration of their stay. Please check with your local Spanish consulate for their requirements for your country of residence.

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* All dates are approximations and vary from year to year.
* Pro IFX Year Spain program does not include mandatory language school tuition, which is estimated at 2000 – 4000 Euros per year.
  NOTE: The IFX program to Spain has limited capacity, so students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the application deadlines.

* All student residence options require a room security deposit of $1500

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