Football / soccer Visa options and Residency Visas for International travelers

European Parliament and EU Work Plan for Sport

All IFX programs are a well balanced combination of international education and sport. Following the European Parliament's comprehensive initiative with regards to sport and its unique ability to enhance integration and cohesion, and to promote accessibility of sport in the EU, IFX programs uniquely enable participants to play the world's most beloved sport while continuing their education internationally. Dual motivation of participants in sport and international education naturally aligns with the EU's sport initiative and immigration law. IFX embraces fully the core values of the EU's policy on sport and we are especially resolute in the important EU doctrine of protection of minors, which is a responsibility we manage carefully for each minor participant of our programs.


Visa Support and Guidance

IFX program participants come from all corners of the world, and therefore have unique needs and opportunities in terms of travel and residence visas in the countries where IFX offers its international soccer and education programs.

We understand the ins and outs of the visa application processes, and provide visa processing assistance to all of our participants. Participants themselves are responsible for applying for their own visa and the ultimate decision of the issuance of the visa will be in the hands of the embassy or consulate of the country, not IFX. IFX does provide guidance and visa support letters to accepted participants to support their visa interview.

Visa Requirements & Travel Documents

Visa requirements for our programs vary depending upon many circumstances including but not limited to the destination country, duration of the program, age of the participant, and the citizenship of the applicant.

Both short and long term visas can take weeks and in some cases months to obtain, so planning ahead is the best way to ensure that you will have plenty of time to gather all necessary visa documents, and allow the Consulate their time for processing the visa application.

Start visa procedure by registering in one of our soccer education program or soccer trials to receive your visa supporting documents.

Some common questions our participants have regarding types of visas are:

How Long Does it take to get a student visa? / How long does a student visa last? / Spain student visa requirements? / What Student visa type do I need as a Student - Athlete? / Can you work on a student Visa? / How much is a student Visa?

Our vast experience in dealing with visas for our program participants enables us to answer these questions depending on your individual circumstances. IFX guides each program participant through the sometimes complex and time consuming process of visas. We encourage you to call us to +1 510-599-4625 and discuss your individual circumstances so that we can guide you appropriately.

IFX has over 15 years of experience supporting participants with Schengen visa application (Learn more how to apply for Schengen Visa from USA),   successfully enabling hundreds of participants from around the world to embark on life changing soccer and educational programs!