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FAQ - International Soccer Camps for Youth Players

Q: What camps do you offer?

A: IFX offers a variety of international residential and day camp options for players between the ages of 7 - 17 years old. All options can be found on the top navigation menu of our website.

Q: When do the camps take place?

A: Most camps are during the summer months and in some cases also offered during Easter holiday. All dates can be found on the specific camp pages of the website.

Q: Can I send my child by themselves?

A: For all residential camps, participants can travel alone to the camp destination. For younger players, airlines normally require what is called Unaccompanied Minor Service which provide the child with accompaniment in the airport from checkin to entrance on the flight, and upon arrival, accompaniment from when the child arrives on the plane to when picked up by a pre-determined individual. These services require extra fees.

Q: My child is a competitive player. Which camp would be best for him/her?

A: Most of the camps we offer split their camps into two categories: A standard camp for all levels of players and a 'Technification", "Advanced" or "High Performance" soccer camp for those players who have competed with clubs before.

Q: What is included with the camps?

A: Each camp page on our website details what is included. Generally speaking, for residential soccer camps, room/board, a full training program and activities are the main inclusions. For soccer day camps, room/board is not included except lunch is provided at the camp facility.

Q: Are scouts or Academy coaches present at the camps and could my child get noticed by the club?

A: While is is hypothetically possible that a scout or Academy coach is at the camp, these camps are in no way organized for the purpose of recruiting or identifying players. There should be absolutely no expectation that a child gets noticed by a scout, pro club coach or otherwise during the soccer camp

Q: Do the coaches speak English?

A: Many coaches do speak English, but it can not be guaranteed. Our experience however is that coaches and players are normally able to communicate with one another despite any challenges with language differences. Soccer is a language in and of itself!

Q: How do I register?

A: Easy! Just click any of the Apply Online or Apply Now buttons on our website and it will take you to our secure online registration platform, where you can select your camp/program and submit the required deposit payment.

FAQ - International Soccer Academies for Youth and Player 18 + (Long-term Programs)

Q: What is a soccer academy?

A: This is a very important term to understand because it is used in many different contexts. A soccer academy in general refers to any type of soccer program, whether it be a club, a team, a soccer school, or a residential soccer boarding school, among other possibilities. Soccer Academy is so widely used that it can be very confusing what it actually refers to. IFX uses this term also in many different contexts. For the best understanding of our programs it is important to thoroughly read the content to understand the soccer program setup.

Q: How do IFX's long term programs work exactly?

A: Each program can be somewhat unique, but to summarize the main components of our long-term soccer programs in Europe,  all essential components necessary for a player to live abroad, play football abroad and study abroad are carefully managed by IFX and/or our partners. Mainly, programs provide participants with long-term housing arrangements, academic placement into educational schools and institutions, and management of a full soccer program, in most cases entailing placement with a European soccer club team.

Q: How should I go about choosing the right program?

A: Each program on our website details pre-requisites and entrance requirements. The first criteria for selection is the age of the participant, because some long-term programs are geared towards high school aged players, and others are geared towards players out of high school. A few programs such as the Valencia Academy and the Portsmouth Academy can be for both youth and adult players over the age of 16 years old.

Q: What should I be considering when choosing a long-term IFX program?

A: While soccer is clearly a major component of any IFX program, all programs offer tremendous opportunity in European youth soccer development or Amateur/semi pro soccer development. Therefore, we recommend that applicants consider the other program factors when making a decision such as which language would they be most interested in learning, which culture is most appealing to them, what housing arrangements are preferable, what climate and cuisine would be preferred, and which academic option fits best what they are looking for.

Q: Do grades transfer back to my home school:

A: The decision of whether grades received while abroad in an IFX program will transfer back to your home school is always up to the decision of your home school. However, our experience is that as long as students are able to complete assignments, participate in class and perform to the best of their ability on tests, they most of the time can get grades from the foreign school (albeit not always official grades from the Educational Ministries) which can then be provided to your home school for transferring credits. In short, it normally is possible but some planning and communication with your home school and with IFX is extremely beneficial in this regard.

Q: Will there be someone to help guide me while abroad?

A: Yes absolutely. All IFX programs have local coordinators whose job is to support each participant throughout their program stay. This does not necessarily mean that the coordinator is available 24/7 to help with each and every detail, but general support, guidance is provided. Many programs have coordinators located in the same destination of where the program takes place, while others such as our Youth Year Germany program, where local coordinators are located in nearby communities.

Q: How to get a trial with a professional football club?

A: IFX has relationships with professional soccer clubs in Europe. However, we can only call on these relationships for players who exhibit an exceptional level of play. Clearly IFX can not send under qualified players to trial with pro clubs in Europe.

Q: Is room and board  and airfare included?

A: As a rule of thumb, room and board are included with all of our long term programs with some exceptions. Board is not included with our Pro Year Germany program because players are living on their own in IFX apartments. Board is also not included in the Student residence option of the Pro Year Spain program, but students can opt for a meal plan for an additional fee.

Q: Will I be able to play in official league matches?

A: IFX players are placed with competitive clubs according to the parameters of that specific program. In order to play in official matches, each player normally must be cleared internationally to play, a process that IFX has extensive experience managing for our players. In most cases, our participants are cleared to play official matches regardless of their age and nationality, but since this is a complex international topic and regulated process, it is important to first check with us to fully understand what limitations if any may apply.

Q: How do payments work?

A: For half season and full season programs, IFX's payment policies require 4 payment installments. $750 is due with the application, $1500 is due within 15 days of receipt of preliminary acceptance, 50% of the remaining balance is due April 8 for programs starting in Summer of Fall and October 8 for programs starting in the Spring, and the final 50% is due May 25 for Summer/Fall intake or November 25th for Spring program intake. For all precise payment polices, you will find these on the IFX program application. In summary, all payments are made in advance of the program inception.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Call or Email us! There are tons of things to consider and we welcome any and all of your questions!

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