Soccer Training Programs

IFX International Soccer Program Overview

The International Fútbol X-Change (IFX) provides teens and young adults with immersive soccer training programs at international destinations, led by experienced coaches. Participants can join the Pro IFX, 30-day training program for players age 18 and over or study abroad for a year at an international soccer academy. The Pro IFX Year Program is held in Germany, Spain, and England, where players get to live, play with others at their skill level, learn a foreign language, and explore other educational opportunities.

Our organization also offers summer and study abroad programs for younger players, plus goalkeeper camps. Training is held at some of the leading youth international soccer camps, including the Real Madrid soccer camp, the Spanish Football Federation, and Nike Football Camps. The training philosophies and methodologies of leading clubs and federations are employed to provide an immersive experience, giving participants at any level an opportunity to develop their skills in a professional setting.

Those interested in joining an IFX soccer program at an international soccer academy in England, Spain, Germany, Italy, or Brazil can apply on our website. Multiple youth programs are held in our top German, Spanish, and British destinations. Participants also have access to accommodations provided by local schools, hostels, and host families, not to mention a range of leisure activities and experiences.

To learn more, read about our soccer training programs below, and download the application packet to read about what we offer, our application procedure, our included services, and instructions on signing up.