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International Goalkeeper Training Soccer Camp in Germany – Goalkeeper Training Drills in Germany

Goalkeeper drills and training demand special coaching requirements and Germany is arguably the top country in the world for its production of talented goalkeepers. In Germany, goalkeepers are some of the fittest, smartest, and most athletic players on the field. In some cases, Germany has even made its keeper the captain of the national team, as was the case with one of Germany’s and the world’s greatest keepers of all time, Oliver Kahn. The goalkeeper position is of critical importance to the success of a team, not only as the tender of the goal but also to lead and command the team.


Goalkeeper Drills with Pro IFX 30 Day and Youth Summer IFX Soccer Camps in Germany

As a part of our Pro IFX 30 Day July international soccer academy program and our Youth Summer IFX Germany soccer camp in August, IFX offers specific goalie training drills as a part of the program.

IFX goalkeepers are trained by a professional German football goalkeeper coach using proven modern German goalkeeper drills used by professional clubs, as well as the Deutscher Fussball Bund’s Stützpunkt system, which is the German Football National Team’s training system for youth and their senior men’s national team.

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German Club Soccer Goalkeeper Drills training session

IFX Goalkeepers will train with field players and keepers alike in all IFX training sessions, acting as keepers in shooting drills and team play. Goalkeeper specific training and goalkeeper training drills take place throughout the program at designated times which are led by professional GK trainers.

IFX goalkeepers also have the opportunity to experience training within an actual German club team. Players at our soccer camps in Germany are placed to train several times per week with a German football club, where they are integrated into the club’s normal training activities, which generally include various goalkeeper drills, playing 8v8 and 11v11 matches. In some cases, German clubs also have their own specific soccer goalkeeper training drills sessions with professional goalkeeper coach in which IFX Soccer goalie may take part.

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How to register for soccer Goalkeeper Training Program?

In order to enroll in the IFX Soccer Goalkeeper training program, please simply follow the enrollment procedure for either the Pro IFX 30 Day Germany July program or the Youth Summer IFX Germany program in August, as the goalie training is available during those Germany international soccer programs.



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