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The question of how to become a football player in England may have been on your mind for a long time, but it is a daunting question. How does a player go about getting football trials in England? If an English football club wants to sign me, then what? Where will I live? What about my studies? How can I get a visa? Can I even play professional football in England if I'm not British? What are my chances of becoming a professional soccer player? All of these questions are reasons why for the past 17 years, players from around the world choose IFX to guide them on their journey of playing football and studying internationally.


Playing football Overseas with English Football Clubs

The IFX model of football development in Europe is no different in our England football academy program. We place players with real English football clubs within the English football pyramid according to each player's individual ability and level. Players therefore experience an authentic training and football experience, competing alongside talented local English football players, enabling each player to develop within the framework and ethos of the English football style of play.

IFX maintains relationships with a variety of English football clubs in the region of Bournemouth enabling players of all abilities opportunities for competitive training and development.


UK Soccer Trials Management

Shortly after arrival to England, IFX players are placed to train and trial with partner IFX clubs, to showcase their ability and potentially earn a roster spot. Football club trials in the UK generally take 2-4 weeks on average at which point IFX then manages the settling and signing process of the player with the English football club.

During the UK soccer trials period, IFX supports the players with logistics and coordination, ensuring players know when and where to be. Being on time to your soccer trials and making a good first impression are critical to getting off on the right foot. Local IFX representatives communicate with English football club coaches to gather feedback throughout the evaluation of each player, ultimately helping steer the course of the UK football trials period.


English Football Club Training and Competition

Once a player is settled with his English football club team, he will train according to the club's training schedule which typically consists of 2 - 4 training sessions per week depending on the club's level. For players who are training with a club who is only training twice per week, IFX organizes additional training options with other club and team partners to ensure each player has a frequency of approximately 3-4 training sessions per week.

Once a player's international clearance has been approved (subject to FIFA and FA restrictions), they may participate in official club matches which normally take place on the weekends. Playing time is always the decision of the English football club coaching staff and IFX therefore does not guarantee how much playing time a player will receive. They must earn minutes based upon their own training and performance, just as a player must in all competitive clubs throughout the world.


English Football League Competitions and Tournaments

IFX players compete within English football clubs who play at various levels, and compete in a variety of English football leagues in order to further their development.

Youth clubs compete typically either in the prestigious Junior Premier League or in the Bournemouth Youth Football League. In some cases, players who meet eligibility requirements may have the opportunity to compete in the National Football Youth League.

For players of Amateur status, opportunities exist to play at a variety of Amateur levels throughout the Bournemouth region. The FA imposes certain restrictions on international students to play at semi-professional or professional levels. Please check with us in advance for more details.

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