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International Football Tours: Italy

Our team tours to Italy are aimed to all competitive football clubs looking to improve technique and learn first hand what makes Serie A (Italian premier league) the most competitive in the world.

IFX International Tours bring to your team the possibility to train and receive coaching from European licensed soccer coaches as well as opposing high-level Italian soccer clubs or academy teams. While you and your team play soccer in Italy, you will stay at a 4 star hotel, with optional chartered buses available to/from practices and friendly matches. Total access to top-notch soccer facilities, in some cases, Serie A Italian professional clubs high performance centers, and a fun touristic agenda to make your Italy soccer tour an amazing experience.


Why is soccer so popular in Italy?

Unlike other European countries, Soccer (Football or "Calcio" as it is called in Italy) is by far the most popular sport in Italy.  The Italian national football team is considered to be one of the best national teams in the world as they won the World Cup on 4 occasions (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006), just one fewer than Brazil.

The Italian Women’s National team just recently performed well in the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The Italians know their soccer and are more than happy to share this with soccer teams traveling here to taste one of the best options for European Soccer tours.

Football is in Italian's DNA! Even Italians say that football was invented in Italy referring to "Herpastum" a kind of scrummaging game the ancient Romans played where two sides fought for possession of a ball, in order to throw it into the opposition's goal.


Take your Soccer Team to Europe with IFX Italy Soccer Tour

Italy offers a number of amazing destinations all with unique cultural experiences, exquisite cuisine and top soccer competition.

No matter if you are planing youth soccer tours, college soccer tours or professional soccer tours, our tour team travel staff provides you with ongoing support to get the best out of your overseas playing experience. You benefit from our over 15 years of experience in organizing international sports programs.

We are pretty sure we could come up with at least a hundred different reasons why one should visit Italy but between pro club training, local games, friendly matches against similar opposition and daily excursions to wonderful museums, ancient ruins and impressive beaches, our commitment is always provide a meaningful experience to our club teams and families.

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Italian Soccer Training Facilities

If one thing characterizes soccer training facilities in Italy, it is the beautiful nature surrounding well-kept natural grass fields.

With Clubs which date back more than 100 years, the investment in facilities provide players and technical staff with modern technology and top-notch facilities. It serves not only as an asset for the club who owns the facilities, but contributes to the overall quality of the sport throughout the country. Even many European national teams have made use of these facilities during the last European Cup Championship.

The average training complex is usually huge, beautiful green training fields, special areas for youth teams, goalkeepers, video analysis and in some cases you can find a large pine forest or a lake next to them to ice the cake.


Friendly Soccer Matches in Italy

Italian Football is comprised of three professional leagues, Serie A being the top one of them with 20 national clubs contending in one = national division. Followed by Serie B and Serie C each one with 20 clubs (competing in national and regional tournaments). From there down, Serie D and other 5 Regional leagues add to the large list of competitive Italian clubs which could oppose your team.

Italy Soccer Tour customizes your experience to match your team with similar level Italian soccer club depending the age and destination cities.


Italy Football Stadiums

Everyone knows that Italy is notorious for the game of soccer and considering you are a soccer player on a team tour in Italy, you can't miss a stadium visit, especially if there is a game going on.

Even though Italian stadiums still have that appeal of bare concrete structures, there’s still something magical about visiting an Italian football match, especially when the "tifosi" (Italian soccer fans) are on song.

As part of our Team Tour itinerary, we will include the visit of major stadiums in Italy (customized up to the destination city). If we would have to suggest major stadiums to visit these would be: Stadio Olimpico located in Rome, San Siro located in Milan, Juventus Stadium located in Turin, Stadio San Paolo located in Naples and Stadio Artemio Franchi located in Florence. There are more than 60 stadiums in Italy of all sizes to all tastes.


Benefits of Youth Football Tours to Europe

Unlike United States where major interest in sports is in American football, basketball and baseball, in Europe, Soccer is the king of sporting events. In fact, this makes even regional clubs that don't play professionally to have serious operations of development youth talent and feeding their own teams in different categories as well as feeding professional clubs and national soccer academy teams. The main benefits of Youth Football Tours to Europe are:

Improving Skills

One of the main benefits of travel soccer teams is that they give your child an opportunity to experience a potentially more challenging level of play. They will be given the opportunity to play with & against players at a very high level, and fine-tune their skills.

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