JORDAN FERRELL – Nürnberg, Germany

Nürnberg, Germany

CLUB: SpVgg Ansbach, SG Quelle Fürth

The PRO IFX Program has given me an opportunity like none other. In my search to fulfill my dream of playing European football I had tried many different avenues that all ended in closed doors. From the moment the IFX program was explained to me, I knew it was my ticket. It didn’t offer a contract or anything glamorous, but a chance to prove myself in the world’s best arena for football.


Jordan Ferrell during a match with SG Quelle Fürth

When I got here to Germany I truly didn’t know what to expect. The pitches varied from beautiful grass, to short turf, to sand! The players were friendly when they first met you, greeting you with “hallo” or “servus,” and the ones who spoke English helped with adjusting to the language difference; but when it came to playing it was very competitive. The players were all very solid technically and rarely turned the ball over, but the tackles were coming in thick and fast and they had no problem being physical. It was exciting for me to play a faster, more physical game, however, and I adjusted rather quickly.

After training for three weeks with SG Quelle Fürth, I went to tryout with SpVgg Ansbach of the Bayernliga. My hard work, dedication, years of practice and the support of so many people paid off the day they offered me a contract. Now, instead of fighting for a contract, I’m fighting to ensure I am in the starting XI! The German language is far from easy but the more I learn and adapt to the culture,

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Although nothing is ever clear in this business, and the road ahead will hold many challenges and changes, I hope to stay working in football for a long time. It is my dream to play at the highest level I possibly can and then be able to share what knowledge I have gained with the next generation so that more American players can be successful in Europe. IFX has given me an opportunity to get my foot in the door that no one else could and for that I will forever be grateful.