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Deutsche Football Internat (Player Residence)

The IFX German soccer academy residence is located in the heart of Germany. The residence is 3 floors, where players share rooms with other academy players in double, triple and quadruple suites. Each floor has two bathrooms and a communal room with TV and Playstation.

Players enjoy their meals together at the residence dining hall, where they eat meals together as a group morning, mid-day and in the evening.


Additional Fussball Academy Services and Amenities include:

  • Weekly laundry service
  • WiFi
  • Communal TV and Game room
  • Indoor gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness Studio/Weight room
  • Pastoral care and supervision

The residence gives players a football focused environment, with all the amenities, so they can focus on their game while feeling comfortable and at home.


Supervision & Transportation

    The residence is supervised around the clock seven days per week by staff members of the German academy.

    Players can walk to and from training from the student residence. Those players who are placed in the local high school in Schlotheim are also able to walk to and from school. For the players placed in schools in neighboring towns, the Academy staff drives them to and from school each day.

    If players wish to go into town or neighboring cities for whatever reason, the Academy staff can drive them but charges transportation fees per kilometer driven. Public transportation is widely available in Germany for students to use.



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