Bayern Munich charity match against FSV Erlangen-Bruck


Herzogenaurach, Germany. This past 9th July 2017, IFX partner club FSV Erlangen-Bruck played host to the reigning Bundesliga Champion FC Bayern Munich on the 100th anniversary of the FSV Erlangen Bruck, a Bayernliga runner-up club. The charity match against FC Bayern Munich took place at Adi Dassler Sportplatz in Herzogenaurach. That day Bayern dressed in their dark blue visitor football shirts while the hosts wore their characteristic white. Local Soccer in Germany at its best!

Bayern´s coach Carlo Ancelotti set six pros in the starting lineup that day. Even though Franck Ribéry, Robert Lewandowski and Jérôme Boateng were missing, the fans in Erlangen were especially looking forward to world champion Thomas Müller and other Bundesliga stars like Mats Hummels, Kingsley Coman and Javi Martinez.

FSV Erlangen-Bruck starting lineup: Axel Hofmann – Jan Sperber, Maxi Bauerschmitt, Tim Baesener, Simon Drießlein, Mario Foth, Thomas Wilke, Oliver Seybold, Rafael Hinrichs, Daniel, Arapoglu, Philipp Viereckl. In the following: Erdem Ünal, Marco Napolitano, Timur Zenginer, Paul Schulze-Zachau, Sezer Bantak, Moritz Fischer, Emre Uluca, Christian Kopp, Jeremy Lynch, Billy Wingrove led by coach Normann Wagner.

From the other side, FC Bayern Munich started with: Strong – Bernat, Hummels, Martinez, Resul Türkkalesi – Müller, Coman, Franck Evina – Timothy Tillman, Marco Friedl, Milos Pantovic. On the bench, Ron Thorben Hoffmann, Niklas Tarnat, Manuel Winzheimer, Adrian Fein, Michael Strein, Raphael Obermair, Derrick Köhn, Marco Hingerl, Lukas Mai led by coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The Bayernliga runner-up showed courage in their game, playing well organized defense towards the start of the match and starting fast counterattacks. However, these were stopped just before the penalty area. After that, only Bayern played offensively. The young Bayern team and the professionals Hummels, Martinez, Juan Bernat, Friedl, Coman and Thomas Müller worked the ball well in their offensive  and created several chances to score. It was then their composure to finish most of their shots which led to a strong 9-1 victory over FSV Erlangen-Bruck.

FC Bayern Munich pushed the accelerator in their second test match of the new season showing great combinations and enthused the present fans at the Adi Dassler Sportpark. Franck Evina (16th and 27th), Marco Friedl (19th) and Kingsley Coman (30th and 41st) met before the break. In the second 45 minutes, Michael Strein (53rd), Marco Hingerl (79th) And 89), Raphael Obermair (83rd place) and Mario Foth (85th) to get on the board for the FSV.

  • The charity match against FC Bayern Munich took place at Adi Dassler Sportplatz in Herzogenaurach.
  • The young Bayern team were suported by professionals Hummels, Martinez, Juan Bernat, Friedl, Coman and Thomas Müller

Finally, the match ended 1-9 for the Bundesliga´s Champion but surely an unforgettable experience for FSV Erlangen-Bruck and more to Mario Foth who scored the lonely goal for the hosts which was loudly celebrated from the 4000 spectators who attended the match.

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