Slovakian Defender Martin Šarišský signs for AD Alcorcón after outstanding performance during Summer Trials in Madrid, Spain


2023 Summer Soccer Trials in Spain Success Story

Martin Sarissky signs with Professional Club AD Alcorcon's 2nd reserve team after successful soccer trials this Summer in Madrid. The 20-year-old former international with Slovakia U18 team, was announced as the club’s new signing after IFX and ADA representatives reached an agreement with Šarišský in early August.

Prior to signing with AD Alcorcón, Sarissky, a central defender, was playing with century-old club FK Poprad competing in the Slovak 2. Liga. After contemplating a move, Sarissky decided to accept the challenge and come to Madrid, Spain to trial with IFX partner club Asociación Deportiva Alcorcón. “My whole life I was playing in Slovakia. My dream was always to play professional since I was a kid and I always wanted to play in countries like Spain or England,” Martin stated.

After this exciting step in the young Slovakian's career, we interviewed Martin to hear all the insides about his transfer to the Spanish team and how he’s been coping with the change of leaving his hometown in Slovakia and coming to Madrid in pursuit of living his dream.

Interview with Martin Sarissky AD Alcorcón C Central Defender

IFX. Hello Martin! Could you take us back to the beginning? How did you come to the decision to begin this journey? What was the soccer trial process like?
Well, my whole life I was playing in Slovakia and always wanted to play in countries like Spain or England so after I finished high school, I was ready to go abroad. My brother was looking for some options in these countries and he found trials in Spain through IFX. I decided to accept the challenge and I came to Alcorcón. I was open minded to new experiences and very excited about the environment, infrastructure, training process, our coach and last but not least, players here were so kind and they helped me to adapt quicker.

IFX. Joining a professional soccer team is a dream come true for many. Could you share with us the emotions and thoughts you had when you first received the feedback and offer to join AD Alcorcon?
A.D. Alcorcón is really a formidable team especially for me. I have never been part of such a top-tier team like AD Alcorcón. The club has a smart philosophy, great coaches, professional attitude and their players are very competitive. That is exactly what I was always looking for to improve myself. When I received the offer from the club I was so happy. It is a responsibility, challenge but also an opportunity to improve and learn about football from high-quality professional coaches every day.

IFX. The journey from a trialist to a team member can be quite a transition. Can you tell us about the challenges and adjustments you faced during this transition period?

I won't lie. It was a huge step for me and the challenge of coming to Spain to this club. It wasn't easy, but since the first day I honestly enjoyed it here and every day I tried and did my best on and off the pitch. The most important thing for me was at the end of the day to be satisfied with myself, my work and I didn't rely so much on the opinion of others but I also have to say that I was prepared for every training session, to learn, accept and respect all the feedback given to me by the trainers and use it to in order to improve.

“IFX basically made the whole process “off the pitch” on behalf of me. That’s what I was looking for.

IFX. Becoming a part of a team involves building relationships. How have your relations been with the coaching staff and fellow teammates?

I can say that I have no problem with anyone in the club. I respect each member of the club. I think it is important to have a boundaries and know when we work hard and when we can have fun. Honestly, the coaching staff is great. I would say that the best I ever had in my career. I couldn't ask for a better training process than what I have now.

IFX. The Spanish soccer scene is known for its high level of competition. How have you been working to improve your skills and performance since joining AD Alcorcon?

I am really glad I came here because this whole experience showed me also a lot of things, what do I need to improve and work on them. In AD Alcorcón, each player receives an individual program comprised of what we need to improve and exercises to improve our weaknesses.

IFX. What’s your living situation now?  What's it like being a part of the soccer culture here in Madrid? 

I am living in the house with some guys from the team, so we can get to know each other not just on, but also off the pitch. It is good for the whole team to be more integrated. Countries like Spain has football (soccer) as a religion so for me it’s amazing to be here and be part of it.

IFX. Success in soccer often involves setting personal goals. What are you looking to achieve while playing for AD Alcorcon this season?

My goal is always to reach the highest. I will do my best. I know I can join to the first team in the future and settle down here but I’m focusing on the present and step by step I’m moving forward. I’m fully aware that it’s just the beginning and there is a lot of work to do, but I trust myself, my family trust in me and that’s all what I need.


IFX. Language is a great asset for a soccer player in a foreign country. Do you speak Spanish?

I do not speak Spanish. I’m learning since the first day I’m here and I’m trying to speak at least the minimum with teammates. Fortunately, our coach can speak both, Spanish and English so he always translates it. My goal now is to learn Spanish in 3 months. It’s a challenge but I will do my best.

IFX. Finally, what would you say has been the role of IFX in all this process?

IFX basically made the whole process “off the pitch” on behalf of me. That’s what I was looking for. Professionalism and great people there! I am happy that I can be part of this agency and hopefully together we’ll achieve many successes.

Thank you so much Martin for sharing your valuable insights and experiences with us today. It's been a pleasure getting to know more about your career and all the process you went through and for sure it will be useful for other players like you who want to pursue a career in football.

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