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Learn about some of IFX's many close Partner Football Clubs in Germany


SV Seligenporten - Bayernliga (6th Division)

IFX has worked for many years with German Soccer Club SV Seligenporten, who has become one of the top regional clubs in the Nürnberg region. They currently field one of the top Landesliga squads and have been up and down recent years in the Regionalliga which is the highest Amateur/Semi-professional german league, competing against many German Soccer clubs from 1 Bundesliga club reserve teams such as Bayern Munich II, 1.FC Nürnberg II, and 1860 München II.


FSV Erlangen Bruck – Landesliga (6th division)

Long time IFX partner FSV Erlangen-Bruck is a German soccer club who has been home to many IFX players over the years both on their first and second team. Bruck’s first team competes in the Landesliga division. They also have some of the top youth development in the area, fielding most youth soccer teams in the 2nd highest youth division, Youth Bayernliga and Landesliga.


SC Eltersdorf – Bayernliga (5th division)

SC Eltersdorf is another top regional German soccer club, who competes in a very tough German division, the Bayernliga Nord. In 2013, they were narrowly relegated from the Regionalliga, but are in contention for promotion back into the top Bavarian league. Eltersdorf also fields a second team who competing in a mid-tier Amateur league. They are considered to be one of the top German soccer clubs of the Nürnberg region.


ASV Neumarkt – Landesliga (5th division)

ASV Neumarkt, has long been one of the top Nürnberg regional clubs, currently fielding two squads, with their first team in the Bayernliga Nord division. Neumarkt has long been an official partner and feeder club of 1.FC Nürnberg, Nürnberg' Bundesliga football club. IFX has had a number of players wear the Neumarkt jersey over the years including Tristan Watson, a professional striker from Toronto, Canada, Gabriel Padilla, Michael Sheridan, and most recently Charlie Ward (former San Jose Earthquakes Academy player) and Kevin Perez (former Quakes Academy player).


SG Quelle Fürth – Landesliga (6th division)

TV Fürth 1860 is the largest sports club in Fürth, to which their soccer department, SG Quelle Fürth belongs. Quelle has long been a respected club in the region, and is currently an official partner and feeder club to Bundesliga (major league) club SpVgg Greuther Fürth. In particular, Quelle is known for their strong youth soccer development, currently siding most of their youth teams in the 2nd highest German youth division, Youth Bayernliga or 3rd highest Youth Landesliga. IFX has placed many players with Quelle Fürth over the past 10 years and remains in close partnership with this respectable German football club.


1.SC Feucht – Landesliga (5th division)

Tucked aside a picturesque Bavarian forest, SC Feucht remains a close IFX partner club, and formidable Bavarian opponent competing in the tough Bayernliga Nord Division. Nearly a decade ago, Feucht once competed in the then German 3rd division, Regionalliga, and now remains one of the top German soccer clubs in the Nürnberg area. Feucht also fields strong youth teams generally competing in the Youth Landesliga or Bezirksoberliga.



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