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German Language School - Learn German!


Intensive German Language Course

Germany is a world leader in industry and commerce, and having even a basic understanding of German can be an significant asset in your future career. IFX offers a unique language school program in Germany.

Pro IFX Year Germany participants who select the German Language School academic option are enrolled into an intensive German language institute to learn to read, write and speak the German language. The IFX partner language school is located in the Old City center, or ‘Altstadt’, of Nürnberg, convenient to participants’ housing locations and easily accessible with public transportation.


German Course Details

IFX program participants are placed into a German course according to their level, and progress throughout the program duration according to the various standardized German language levels such as A1, A2, B1, B2 and so forth. Students are offered the opportunity to take the official German language level tests called Telc in order to come away from the course with tangible knowledge and achievement. The teachers are very experienced and support each student with their individual needs in order to master the new language.

Courses focus on a variety of aspects of the German language including grammar, pronunciation, as well as reading comprehension and perhaps most importantly with emphasis on practical daily conversational knowledge.



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