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Soccer Academy Schools in Spain - Academic Options


Private High School in Valencia (Colegio Helios)

High school student athletes attend the Spanish private school Helios, following a broad curriculum of courses as well as getting additional Spanish language courses increasing their personal development. Student athletes at this school also will be permitted to attend the C.F. Cracks/International Soccer Academy morning training sessions according to each player's academic needs and course requirements, a benefit which would not be permitted if studying at a Spanish public school.

Each morning, IFX players/students are picked up from the soccer academy schools residence and driven by bus to Helios. After school, students are transported back again to the soccer boarding school location.

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Spanish Language School in Valencia

All players, both high school age and those who have graduated from high school, can choose to focus their studies on the Spanish language, studying in an intensive Spanish language course. Students are placed in Spanish classes according to their Spanish aptitude and experience.

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