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Soccer Tryouts in Germany -  Pro 30 Day Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the style of play like in Germany?

A: The German style of play could possibly best be described as Bertie Vogts once stated, “My star is the team.” Germans tendency to value teamwork over individuality is embodied in their style of play. Efficiency and effectiveness overshadow flamboyant creativity. Discipline, organization and tactics are at the core of German football.

Q: How tall are German soccer players?

A: Based on the average height of Germany national football team, we could say that average height of German soccer players is  1.84 m or 6 ft.

Q: Do the clubs provide training gear during soccer tryout evaluation?

A: For the most part, clubs do not provide training gear for players to use during soccer club trials. A few clubs in higher divisions do, but IFX players must come prepared with their own training gear.

Q: What surfaces do the clubs train on?

A: Most commonly, German clubs train on natural grass pitches. In the Summer and Fall months, that would almost always be the case. Late Fall, Winter and Spring brings cold, snowy and wet weather, which causes many clubs to train either on artificial surfaces or something called Hardplatz, which is basically a mixture of earth and sand, a more durable surface for winter weather. Players must come prepared to train on all kinds of surfaces.

Q: I want to get paid to play football abroad. Do the clubs that I would train with pay their players?

A: Many of IFX partner clubs do pay their players, but not all. Generally speaking, clubs in the 7th division or higher pay their players something. The higher the division, generally the higher the amount. Several factors affect the amount of money a club may pay any particular player including the club’s financial situation, their desire to attain any particular player, etc. IFX does not guarantee that players will necessarily train with clubs that pay their players, but it is very common.

Q: If I were to enroll in the IFX 30 Day program, how could I trial for professional football clubs in Europe or in Germany?

A: IFX can only arrange pro soccer tryouts in Germany if the player is of exceptional quality. We have arranged many professional soccer trials for players over the years, but these opportunities are reserved for those players who have proven to be at a level that warrants sending them to pro European football club trials.

Q: What are the chances of me becoming a professional through the Pro IFX program?

A: It is not easy to become a professional footballer. IFX can make no guarantee that a player will get trials with professional football clubs during their program. In cases where a player is of an exceptional ability and has proven themselves during their initial evaluation to be at a level where a professional opportunity could be realistic, then IFX may arrange for such a trial at our sole discretion. But normally, IFX players train and trial with semi-professional/amateur German clubs.

Q: What is the weather like?

A: Summers in Germany can be very nice. Sunshine and fair weather as well as rain storms is common. Fall months become wetter and colder. Winter generally is extremely cold and can bring a fair amount of snow, depending upon the region and year. Around March and April, the weather begins to get warmer and dryer. Players must come prepared to endure any kind of weather.

Q: How would I get to and from training?

A: During the 30 Day program, an IFX representative or driver takes the players to and from club trainings. Players are picked up at their accommodations, taken to training, and then transported back to their accommodations by car or van. Only for IFX morning training sessions (2 x per week) is it possible that IFX players may need to take public transportation to get to/from IFX Training. IFX shows the players how to get to/from IFX Training with public transportation.

Q: Where are the clubs located?

A: All IFX clubs are located in the greater Nürnberg/Fürth/Erlangen/Bamberg region. Commute times to get to training can be between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Q: Would I get to play in any matches during the program?

A: During the Pro IFX 30 Day July program, we typically arrange several friendly matches between the IFX players and local semi-pro/amateur clubs. However, July would be the only month where participation in friendly matches would be possible and is not guaranteed.

Q: What do coaches look for in soccer tryouts?

A: In most cases, soccer coaches are looking at  how well a player performs the skills that are necessary for the specific position. They are looking for a player with excellent conditioning and how coach-able you are: if you pay attention and try to perform all the tasks requested to the best of your ability every time. Personality is also a big assett since upon this depends whether you fit easily on the team or not, thus be ready to try your hardest.

Q: What not to do at soccer tryouts?

A: Never be late for a soccer tryout! get into the practice at least 30 minutes earlier, so you could introduce yourself with other players and technical staff , even, shake hands with the coach.

Q: How to do well in soccer tryouts?

A: Work hard all the time and never quit a ball even coaches are not watching you. Respect your team mates and focus on teamwork. Your technical ability will become visible in each touch you do or every game you take part.

Q: What happens after the 30 day program? If a club wants me to stay and play for them, how does that work?

A: If during the 30 day program an IFX partner club offers a player the opportunity to stay and compete with their club for the rest of their current season or for the following season, the player may elect to enroll in the Pro IFX Year program, enabling extension of their stay in Germany for the agreed upon duration and competition with the German club. Certain registration deadlines apply as to when a player can first register to play official matches. Further details of the Pro IFX Year program can be found online on our website. Contact us for further information regarding registration periods and circumstances which can enable registration outside of registration periods.

Q: What’s the best option for using a cell phone while in Germany?

A: This depends on what functions someone wishes to have and several other factors. Generally speaking, to have the capability of communicating via mobile phone with other people within Germany, it is cheapest to purchase a local prepaid SIM card and put that SIM card into an unlocked phone. Prepaid data packages are also available for certain kinds of phones including iPhones.

Q: What is the best airport to fly into?

A: Since the program is based in Nürnberg, the Nürnberg Airport is the best possible airport to fly into. However, sometimes players can get better deals flying into Frankfurt or Munich. In the case a player flies in Frankfurt or Munich, they would then need to take a train to Nürnberg where we would then pick them up at the Nürnberg Main Train Station upon their arrival.

Q: Where are the other players in the program from?

A: IFX players literally come from all over the world. We have had players from every continent except Antarctica!

Q: How old are most of the IFX players and how old are the players on the German clubs?

A: Most IFX players are between 18 – 23 but we frequently have older players as well who are welcome to enroll in the program. German players who compete with the IFX partner clubs are generally in their twenties, but may also have some even older, more experienced players.

Q: What are the accommodations like?

A: IFX places players in either a shared apartment or in a youth hotel facility. The shared apartment consists of players sharing rooms with a total of 2-4 per room, with bunk beds. Each apartment has a shared kitchen, equipped with pots, pans, plates, silverware, etc. There is generally one bathroom and shower per apartment. A total of 6 players may stay at a time in the IFX flat. The youth hostel facility is a large facility, located close to the Nürnberg Airport. Each player shares a room with 1 or 2 other players. Breakfast is included in the program for players who live in the youth hotel facility. Each room has a small bathroom and shower, but no kitchen. The facility includes a game room, dining hall, a outdoor Biergarten/Patio area.

Q: Do I need to know German to do the program?

A: No, previous German language experience is not required, but helpful of course. Most IFX players do not speak any German before arriving in the program. IFX provides each player upon enrollment a soccer term sheet that players should review and try to learn before their arrival in the program, to help them better communicate on the pitch.

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