The 7 Advantages of Being on a Soccer Team

It can sometimes seem like there are as many sports in the world as there are stars in the sky. Most cultures and countries have their own home sports, and different sports focus on and reinforce different skills and attributes, whether team sports or individual sports. With so many options to choose from, there’s something out there for everyone, although sometimes with all the options out there, it can be daunting.

Host Family in Europe: Making a home away from home

Every town in Europe is packed with monuments dating back several centuries. Little villages are charged full of history. The countries are small, but most of them were once the center of an empire. Europe offers more than most other regions in the world.

Cold Drop 1 : 1 Valencia | Valencia tied the game

Last week, Spain and even more specifically, the community of Valencia, has experienced maybe the worst “Cold Drop” in 10 years. This phenomenon characterized by heavy rains and cold temperature as a result of the arrival of very cold polar air, brought with it persistent storms and flash flooding all over the whole Spanish country.

10 things you probably did not know about Spanish culture

Paella, Flamenco music and dance, bullfights, Sagrada Familia or CF Real Madrid. Spain is and has been for thousands of years, one of the cultural centers of Europe. Spain is well known for its rich cultural heritage, its beautiful landscape and its friendly people.

IFX Valencia International Soccer Academy – Spain

Over the years IFX Soccer has been committed to managing world-class soccer training programs at many official European soccer clubs’ world class facilities, giving young soccer player´s from all around the world not only an enriching experience technically and competitively, but also an unforgettable journey.

Indian football player Abhiram Akundi in Youth IFX Program Spain

From IFX Soccer we are pleased to introduce another talented Indian football player Abhiram Akundi (16) who currently is playing for Garrapinillos CD, a club in Juvenil A Regional second division, as part of our Youth IFX Spain program in Zaragoza.