Cold Drop 1 : 1 Valencia | Valencia tied the game


Last week, Spain and even more specifically, the community of Valencia, has experienced maybe the worst “Cold Drop” in 10 years. This phenomenon characterized by heavy rains and cold temperature as a result of the arrival of very cold polar air, brought with it persistent storms and flash flooding all over the whole Spanish country. Cold Drops are inherent to Mediterranean weather in the fall, and even perceived as normal within locals, but have been noticeably absent since 2008 when hit hard the last time really affecting communities of Valencia, Catalonia, Aragón, Andalusia, Balearics and Murcia.

We from IFX Soccer express our undivided support to all the affected regions and furthermore, to our friends, colleagues and IFX partner clubs in Spain that we work with in Valencia such as CF Cracks Soccer Academy. Recently, one of our IFX Valencia Residential International Soccer Academy participants, Jaden Dutton, who came for a 2 week program and visitation of the Valencian program, despite the stormy ending, absolutely loved his time there and wants to hopefully come back. Jaden told us how the day he left CF Cracks sport venues, the pitch and other facilities were full of water after a 12 hour rainfall. Fortunately, due to the latest drainage technology used on CF Crackspitches, everything was back to normal a few hours later.



CF Cracks underwater2

CF Cracks ready

Valencia ready again


Again, we hope that all is okay now and no serious damages for the community of Valencia and especially for the beautiful sport venues of CF Cracks Soccer Academy

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