Club Esportiu Júpiter in Barcelona signs IFX player Sydney Kay Weiss


Since her arrival to Spain to join the IFX Spain Pro Year (soccer program in Barcelona), Sydney Kay Weiss (19) a native of Paradise Valley, Arizona trialed with different clubs in Catalonia, signing in the end with CE Júpiter where she will play for the 2018-19 season. The signing came after a few weeks of soccer trials with the well known Catalonian football club in Barcelona. While on trial Sydney held nothing back even suffering from a slight injury that left her off the field for several days. The Catalonian club’s managers offered Sydney a spot to compete with this traditional football team from Barcelona who has their hopes set on promotion into the next higher division next season.

CE Júpiter was found in 1909 in the neighborhood of Poblenou in Barcelona. The men´s team plays in the Third Division of Spain (Group V) and women´s team, even was founded recently,  moved up to Primera Catalana in 2009 and then in 2014/15 got the championship ensuring its participation in División Preferente.

As far as Sydney, she is happy about the level of the team and also that most of the people at the practice only speak Spanish giving her a very unique immersion experience in Spanish language and culture. As a player, fitness and tactics have always been her strengths, so being in a place where technique and footwork are more focused she will need time to adapt. This is an aspect of changing from the American game to the European that we have already seen in our Football Academy in Spain. It is usually a challenge, but she confesses she is excited about being forced to improve upon what she already has in terms of formation in order to succeed. “Every player has a new creative spin on the game and Spanish players understand that they cannot win the physical battle so they have found ways to maximize their creativity and make the sport seem effortless. I hope to look like a natural with a ball at my feet by the end of my experience”

About her new teammates, she told us she is delighted with the camaraderie between the team and the coach compared to back home. “Girls show up in their normal clothes and then shower and change into their soccer gear all together. People always shake each others hands and there seems to be a bit more of a respect aspect here compared to back home. Not to say there isn’t any respect in America, but the atmosphere here just has a stronger bond between the entire club compared to America in my opinion”.

So far, I love Spain. I have only been here for some weeks and have met people from all over. It is nice to have people try and figure out where I am from and also very humbling to feel stupid not knowing how to properly communicate. Everyone else I have met already is fluent in multiple languages and back home it is a rarity to find a bilingual person I feel. People value human connection much more here than at home. I love the feeling of the history being integrated with the modern world, and people just have so many stories about their travels. There are bread crumbs and hidden treasures around every corner, and I love how Spain is essentially in the middle of the world, so many cultures are integrated, also I am a minority for once in my life which is a new experience, but I like the challenges that Spain Soccer Academies have to offer, Sydney stated.

Sydney confessed us she decided to join the program because she is trying to get back into soccer before going and trying to walk on in college. She already knew she was going to take a gap year and was planning on volunteering internationally, but following her decision to play soccer again, she ended up stumbling upon this program, and it seemed like a good fit. “I like how it has some structure, but is also very independent and allows the participant to make the most and individualize their experience. I looked into a fair amount of different programs, but I like the individuality in IFX, but so far it has also had enough boundaries to make me feel comfortable in a foreign environment.

Sydney plans on traveling Europe on her days off. She really loves the city so far. It has such a cultural and historical mixture. There is a very touristy aspect of it, but also the many local gems to find. She really just enjoys walking around and people watching, as everyone and everything is so foreign to her. Right now Sydney is living in the student residences which is very close to city center. It is very nice and convenient and there are so many foreign people to meet. “I do hope to move in with a host family in 2019 to help with my Spanish more and get more of a traditional Spanish experience.

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  • Sydney trialed with different clubs in Catalonia, signing in the end with CE Júpiter for the 2018-19 season.
  • "the atmosphere here just has a stronger bond between the entire club compared to America in my opinion”.

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