Pro IFX Spain player Jenna Faith Li plays for Levante Juvenil A


As part of Pro IFX Year Spain – Fútbol Program in Barcelona – the former player of Alliance F.C. Jenna Faith Li (18), a native of Michigan (USA) has signed with Levante Las Planas on the Juvenil A first division team. The Spanish club offered her a spot in its roster for 2018-19 season after a week and a half of arduous tryouts. Jenna has really enjoyed the club since the beginning and it excited about the opportunity t0 play there this season. Levante Las Planas F.C. – Primera División Juvenil A – is a very competitive team and she wanted to start training and playing as soon as possible considering that she aims to play in university – either in the States or abroad – next year.

“I took Spanish in High School but the classes were never very beneficial. I chose Spain because I have always wanted to fully learn Spanish. I knew I would learn a lot about the language and the culture if I actually decided to live in Spain. It seemed like a good choice for me”.

  • The Spanish club offered her a spot in its roster for 2018-19 season after a week and a half of arduous tryouts..

How do you feel in Spain?

I am very blessed with the opportunity to call this place my home. I really enjoy it here and am so glad I decided to go through with the decision to come here. Obviously, the first month was strange and foreign. I definitely struggled at times but I learned a lot from those moments as well. I had moments of culture shock but now I think if I were to go home I would experience just as much reverse culture shock if not more.

How different is this new life-soccer experience from back home?

The biggest difference I’ve seen from the teams I’ve played on back home is the community within the club. The club I play for now is quite literally like a family. Everyone arrives to practice early and hangs out in the locker room together. Anyone who arrives will high five/shake hands with every single person present and say hello. Recently for Halloween, my entire team went to an amusement park together and spent the night camping. It was very strange for me to see my coaches in an environment other than the field. They dressed up in costumes and tried to scared us in our cabins. That would never happen in the clubs I played for back home. As for the style of play, it is also very different. The drills we do in practice are almost always involve some sort of passing pattern with the intention of finishing on goal. Also in practices there isn’t as much focus on positions. We do a lot of drills with a rotation so everyone plays everywhere. The defenders will practice shooting just as much as the forwards.

What do you like the most about Spanish Soccer?

I like how technical the soccer is here. It is extremely focused on touches on the ball. In practice we don’t do a lot of fitness which was strange to me at first but now I find it beneficial. I can do the fitness aspect of the game on my own time and when I show up to practice I know I will be getting many touches on the ball.

How is the experience of living alone?

I live in Marina Student Residence. It is very central to many places, and there are many things to do. I live close to the beach and the metro is a five minute walk. Barcelona in general is a beautiful city and there are so many things to do and see. I have gained a lot of life experience as well from this.

What do you think about IFX´s work so far?

I think they are doing a good job. I would recommend the program because you will never be able to experience anything quite like this otherwise. It is well planned and I feel taken care of. The program itself is very organized and I always feel accounted for.

We from IFX wish Jenna the best of luck for this challenge. We will look forward to continuing supporting her journey in Spain. If you would like to play soccer in Spain yourself while you learn Spanish intensively, please do not hesitate to contact us right away – we are happy to help you to fulfill this goal! Call Us Now to +1 510-599-4625 and learn more about this incredible life opportunity.

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