Kayden Jetha hits the list of Canadian soccer players abroad


Zaragoza, Spain. Newcomer Kayden Jetha (16) a native from Canada, joins the ranks of the many talented Canadian soccer players in Europe with his recent signing for Zaragoza soccer team CD Delicias as part of IFX Youth soccer programs in Spain. CD Delicias competes in Regional Preferente Grupo 1 of Spanish youth soccer. Kayden is playing as striker and despite his young age he has plenty of experience opposing big name teams like Sheffield, OGC Nice, Rio Aves, Estac Troyes and Dijon FCO next to his former club ANB Fútbol back in Canada.

In addition to his club obligations, Kayden is getting additional training with Spanish soccer team El Olivar who competes in the highest Spanish youth league, Division Honor Cadete. This supplementary training opportunity enables Kayden to fine tune his soccer skills with drills and training routines to help him adapt to the Spain soccer style. Playing next to real Spain soccer players is a great opportunity not just develop his game but also his Spanish. 


"I have signed with CD Delicias and it felt very professional. I have not signed with El Olivar but the coach was nice enough to let me train with them. The kids when I was trying out were very helpful and friendly. I do not speak Spanish, the kids knew a few words of English and try as much as can to help me understand the drills. The coaches are just as nice as the kids. I find that very welcoming and I appreciate it a lot."

Kayden confesses he has always loved the way teams in Spain play, and his strong desire to learn Spanish. FC Barcelona is his favourite team ever since he was young. "When I was 12 years old I had the opportunity to take part in one of the best soccer camps in Spain. I really enjoyed Spanish football, and within that week I came back using the space of the pitch in a more effective way. I like to use space, and I feel like my natural style is more Spanish than anything." Kayden stated.

Not surprisingly Kayden's life has changed a lot. Living next to his Host Family in Spain and being an international soccer student in Zaragoza keeps him very busy. He takes the bus to school, to training and to go out with friends which allows him to immerse deeper in real Spanish culture, learn a new language and all in a safe environment. Kayden is excited to be living with an extremely nice host family, welcoming and caring - distinctive characteristics of host families in Europe.

  • Kayden is getting additional training with El Olivar who competes in the highest Spanish youth league, Division Honor Cadete.

We from IFX Soccer are happy to have Kayden experiencing authentic Soccer in Spain, playing alongside many talented Spanish soccer players and with some fantastic traditional Zaragoza soccer clubs. We are confident he will continue to make the best of this experience learning how to use space, playing smarter and quicker like Spain soccer players do and also experiencing the many benefits of living and studying abroad.

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