“IFX Valencia Youth Soccer Academy surpassed all my expectations” | Cole DiCicco


With the aim of improving his soccer and play overseas, Cole DiCicco (18) a native of New York decided on a change of scenery, leaving High Point University Men´s Soccer Div 1 behind and moved to Spain to take part of IFX Valencia Residential International Soccer Academy. "I wanted to live a great experience and see how it is playing soccer in Spain. That is why I chose Spain instead any of other countries. I have heard great things about Spain and I really wanted to come here," the striker stated.

Technicality plays a huge role in Spanish soccer style and Cole is fully aware of this. Cole trains alongside other players in the Residential Soccer Academy in Valencia mastering basics in the morning with more focus on shooting and crossing, and then has one extra intense session in the night with his team, the Juvenil A, the U19s of the Academy. "I like getting extra training because it is definitely developing me technically and enabling me to become a better player." Between sessions players have access to all world-class soccer facilities characteristic of a professional club (7 pitches - 4 of them for football 7, 2 for football 11 and 1 for football 5; gym and physiotherapy).

As for facilities, something that is worth highlighting is the brand new surface of the main stadium. This has been replaced by an innovative synthetic artificial grass turf of mono-filaments filled with coconut fiber which allows a better shock-absorption and is less abrasive. The Residential Academy is one of the few clubs in Valencia that actually has this technology and offers it to all its players.

"Everything has been perfect... Surpassed all my expectations... I have a lot of independence... facilities are great, down stairs I can go to the gym whenever I want. It is a good living what I am experiencing."

As for Cole we could say he is making a good impact on the team. He is a good finisher, and a fast and strong player. He is strong on the ball and really he is fitting well into the group. He has set the role of number 9 perfectly. Even though it has been a huge change facing more technical Spanish players, talented with the ball on their feet, Cole really enjoys playing over here and it has left a great impression on him.

"Coaches are great... even though I do not fully speak Spanish they helped me out. I found a new people, a new culture that is very interesting and very cool. People at the facilities have been very welcoming so far. I have my own room, own shower. The kids in the residence have been good to me, every body was nice".

  • "“Everything has been perfect… Surpassed all my expectations…"
  • "When I go back home I will be a different person, more mature, taking more responsibilities on my own because of my independence in Spain".

Cole has visited Valencia city 4-5 times so far. He has had the opportunity to go to the Fallas festival which is all about fireworks in the sky, very impressive, and perhaps the most representative festival in Valencia for tourists. "Culture is different but I am getting a great time, great experience. When I go back home I will be a different person, more mature, taking more responsibilities on my own because of my independence in Spain. It is not just about soccer it is about me as a person".

A common characteristic of our participants in all our soccer programs, regardless anywhere they are, is the desire for success. They put themselves in harder situations for the sole purpose to improve and to become the best they can be. If you would like to live and play soccer in Spain yourself and experience a highly competitive training environment, please do not hesitate to contact us right away – we are happy to help you to fulfill this dream!

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