Book Review | Money and Soccer by Szymanski


Money and Soccer- A Soccernomics Guide (Szymanski)

Szymanski presents many chapters in Money and Soccer that carefully analyze various world football topics as it relates to the economic correlation of success in football (soccer). British journalist, Simon Kuper prefaces Money and Soccer after having worked on the 2009 best seller (Soccernomics).

Szymanski, a professor of sports management at the University of Michigan, analytically looks at topics that surround the success of football clubs and their historic relevance as it relates to their success from an economic point of view. Szymanski introduces his chapters with such precision that the book comes full circle and leaving the readers with wanting more analysis. Readers can expect to be drawn forward as the author examines many ideologies: being successful, staying afloat, and prefaces what the future could hold from a statistical analysis. Themes touched upon include why Real Madrid is the force of Spanish football, both past and present, an analyzation of the football pyramid structure across Europe’s footballing leagues, and why big spending clubs must spend big.

The author dedicates the book with this quote at the beginning ” For the fans of Scunthorpe United and all the other clubs who prove that winning is not the onlything.” Football is referred to by many as the beautiful game because it connects people from across the globe under one common practice, soccer. While many professional football clubs will not achieve the stardom of the elite european clubs, these clubs are operating for and with the local fans support in the spirit of the beautiful game.

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