It has been an interesting season for FC Nürnberg to say the least. After 15 matches, Nürnberg is the only club in the top five European leagues without a single victory. Never before in Bundesliga history has a club gone 15 matchdays without a win. With 10 ties, Nürnberg is on track to relegate into the 2. Bundesliga. Last weekend, FCN lead Hannover 3-1 into the 86th minute, giving away two late goals leaving them with yet another painful tie.

The Glubberers from the Nordkurve, the name coined for the hardcore Nürnberg fans and their stadium section, will stand by ‘der Club’ through thick and thin, rain or sleet or snow, as was the case against Mainz two weekends ago in a bitter cold snowstorm, where they came away with yet another, yep you guessed it, tie.

Relegation into the 2. Bundesliga would be painful enough, but unbearable if Nürnberg’s arch rival SpVgg Greuther Fürth earn promotion during their 2013-14 campaign. Fürth, who were 2.Bundesliga champions in 2011-12, had a miserable season in the 1.Bundesliga last year, but currently are in 2nd place and in promotion position to rebound back into Germany’s top league.

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