Guide to Choosing the best Summer International Soccer Camp this 2021


For many reasons 2020 will be considered the forgotten year when it comes to international youth soccer camps. Soccer Academies in the USA and across the globe had to interrupt their programs and in many instances close their doors which generated a massive impact not just in economic terms but in the next generation of soccer player development. 2021 will be a critical year to offer to dedicated soccer players and enthusiastic kickers the possibility to resume their path to play soccer professionally or to have the chance to experience soccer at its best. For example taking part in one of the best summer soccer camp in Europe - Whatever the case may be, the decision of what opportunities to provide their children lies with the parents to choose which could represent the best option. Making a decision between registering your child in an overnight summer soccer camps (Residential Football camps in Europe) or Day Soccer Camp option coupled with international trips arrangements or a simple check list of what to bring to the camp can be overwhelming. That is why we wanted to help parents providing a guide to choosing the best Summer International Soccer Camp this 2021.

Safety First

There are many different factors you’ll have to take into account but in the time we are living in today sanitary hygienic measures are playing a primary role. When looking for a soccer international camp be sure it has in place protocols for operating both on and off the field. Euro soccer camps that IFX represents have implemented very effective hygienic protocols for the development of their activities. Not only the promise of social distancing but good facility maintenance in accordance with the safety data sheets recommended by the health authorities is a must.

Stress free Booking

We know that predicting the future is a little difficult right now. Booking any future travel is a risky and stressful business and you want something to look forward to, but you want to be sure to understand the booking conditions! Getting favorable booking terms could give you peace of mind and security when booking a soccer camps summer 2021. Soccer Camps in Spain, England or Germany offer different refund policies especially adapted to Covid times, some of them entitle you to 100% refund if you choose to cancel for any reason, but not in all cases. To book great soccer summer camp experiences we recommend you visit or ask for terms and conditions of the camp first.

Day Soccer Camps vs Overnight Soccer Camps

We can not say that one is better than the other, it is all dependent on parent's and children's expectations. While residential soccer camps provide children with a more enriching and complete experience, day soccer camps abroad offer the possibility to families who travel together do activities together after the training camp. As for soccer summer camps 2021 that IFX represents, both Day Soccer Camps and Residential Soccer Camps participants have access to the same professional soccer club training methodology and sessions led by official certified professional coaches.


Development or High Performance Soccer Camps?

There is an endless list of International Soccer Camps in Europe since almost every most famous professional football club run their own soccer academy program and football camps. As a parent it is essential to be realistic about what the camp will provide to the participant. There are many parents that have the misconception that a summer soccer camp is the entry door to the first team of a pro club and that is not true. Pro Soccer Clubs through their operators offer youth summer soccer camps as initiative to approach young players to an authentic professional training environment, focusing on Football Performance, Human Performance and Development of Talent. It is important to know that Summer soccer camps 2021 offer Development Soccer Programs for enthusiastic boys and girls aged 9-13 who are at the start of their football journey as well as High Performance Soccer programs - for more competitive players aged 14-17.

There are other kinds of soccer programs that could help competitive soccer players to get a contract to play soccer in EuropeCLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

  • Soccer Camps in Spain, England or Germany offer different refund policies especially adapted to Covid times, some of them entitle you to 100% refund if you choose to cancel for any reason, but not in all cases.

Soccer & Languages

Attending an International Soccer Camp this 2021 your children can learn or master a new language while playing the beautiful game. Most popular summer international soccer camps offer languages classes in addition to football training and fun activities throughout the camp. In most camps that offer language classes, students learn in an interactive and fun way that’s nothing like what they would experience in a traditional classroom. No matter whether it's the Spanish, German or English language, learning a new language is a big asset for any international soccer player.

Available dates

Since all of these Elite Europe Soccer Clubs camps are carried out between July and August, deadlines to register usually happen in the middle of May. Now, because of a limited number of players per group we suggest you to book in advance. Early booking allows parents and players to take care of additional arrangements providing parents with enough time to put together all the documentation needed by the camp. Looking for a camp with a specific starting date and a specific duration can greatly limit the number of camps available to you. You can click on this link to see in one page all the options we can offer including prices.

Accommodation & Soccer facilities

Some parents consider facilities to be one of the most important features of a soccer camp. Take a look at the previous season of the camp to give you an idea of the football Camp you want for your child. The summer soccer camps IFX represents take place in real state-of-the-art soccer facilities, and in some cases young players train on the same pitch professional footballers do providing the best possible environment for young players to take their game to the next level. Some camps take place in luxurious and stylish complexes similar to four or five star hotels. It is worth mentioning that accommodations in some of the football camps in UK are medieval castles giving all that magical environment from Harry Potter's movies.

The Price of the Camps

Soccer Camp prices vary widely. Being highly customizable (e.g duration, additional language classes, accommodation, airport transfer or unaccompanied minor service) at first glance it may not be difficult to understand why a camp price range could go from $785 to $4140. A camp sold under a well-recognized brand is another factor that determines the price of the soccer camp. One of the advantages of registering through IFX Soccer is to consolidate into one bill all that is needed to make your child's stay the most pleasurable experience  and avoiding last minute expenses not detailed on other camp operator's pages.

Having said this, we hope parents find our Guide to Choosing the best Summer International Soccer Camp this 2021 useful and make the best decision possible. We from IFX will be more than happy to support and accompany your families in your next soccer adventure abroad.


Choose the best international soccer immersion program combining international education and football!

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