Max Turville trials at 2. Bundesliga club Würzburger Kickers


A few weeks ago, IFX President Michael Carlson arranged with Würzburger Kickers (FWK) - a 2 Bundesliga club in Bavaria - to host one of our youth players to trial with their U19 pro Academy team. William “Max” Turville, just turned 18 years old in January and over the last two years has competed with the IFX German Football Academy in Thüringen. During his time at the football academy in Germany Max developed immensely thanks to the high-level competition typical of the youth soccer in Germany. Through his strong performance these past two seasons, he has proven himself to be capable to rise to the challenge to trial with a Bundesliga level club.

These days of trials with the U19 team led by Hans-Jürgen Heidenreich were very intensive and full of learning, showing Max what will be needed to reach the top. IFX is now opening doors for him for trials with other pro clubs this Spring and hopefully the native of Folsom, California will receive some proposals that keep him playing soccer in Europe.

Regarding FWK, since promotion in 2012 Kickers have enjoyed a period of renewed success including winning the 2013–14 Bavarian Cup and thereby qualified for the first round of the 2014–15 DFB-Pokal.


In the league, the club finished tenth in 2013 and eleventh in 2014. In the 2014–15 DFB Pokal, Kickers knocked-out Fortuna Düsseldorf in the first round but were defeated by Eintracht Braunschweig in the second round. In the 2014–15 season, Kickers won the Regionalliga Bayern and earned promotion into the 3. Liga. The club won the 2018-19 Bavarian Cup following a 3-0 victory in the final over neighbours and rivals Viktoria Aschaffenburg and moved up to 2. Bundesliga.

IFX Residential Football Academy is one of the best soccer boarding schools in Germany where everything is focused on "Fussball”. This is an incredible opportunity for international soccer players to develop their game of football challenged by German players of their age, competing in local leagues and showcasing their skills to scouts not only from Germany but all of Europe who watches Germany as a feeder of highly-technical players.

An extensive network of soccer clubs across Europe constitutes one of IFX’s unique strengths, working to help choose the right club for our student-athletes to start or develop a soccer career.  We will be keeping you updated with Max and his path to play pro in Germany.

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