10 Soccer Tryouts Tips to remember in your next Football Trial


Semi or Pro Soccer Tryouts, these playing soccer tips will help you for sure

Most of us have had ties to football since we born – our fathers, brothers or someone near to us has a passion for soccer so intense that we are dragged along with it and we will not part with this passion until we pass away. For those who firmly intend to remain in the path to become a professional football player you should know that this is a challenging journey and to play in the top world´s soccer leagues you are going to need more than talent. We from IFX Soccer firmly believe that discipline triumphs over talent thus we keep working on enabling youth soccer players from all over the world to experience highly competitive training and giving them the opportunity to participate in soccer tryouts, be placed in competitive international soccer teams and compete with these teams, for more than 15 years bringing their game to the next level. Now we want to share our background with you summarized in this “10 Soccer Tryouts Tips to remember in your next Football Trial” so you won’t get overlooked again.

1. First impression counts! You want to make Football your life career and it is not an overstatement to say that a soccer tryout is a job interview. How would you showcase yourself to your most important appointment? This is a very important tip on playing soccer trials: First of all, get to the fields early. In order to avoid any delay it is important to consider how far is your place from the playing field. In our experience we recommend you arrive at least 40 minutes before (maybe you would like to clarify some doubts about the process or need to register your participation). Once you get everything in order you will have time to prepare mentally for your training.

2. Do you feel nervous? It is totally normal. Fear is part of our natural instinct for self-preservation. It is assumed that you are physically prepared and ready to showcase your abilities with the ball, but we know that sometimes anxiety could decrease your performance even to 50% of your capacity. There are many ways out of the anxiety but in our experience the most successful way to focus and quickly bring back confident is to breathe. Taking a few slow, deep breaths can help relieve anxiety before facing a soccer tryout. Once you get more relaxed start a conversation about a different subject than the coming football trial or get extra touches on the ball. In order to make your body work in a properly you need to be relaxed and the rest will follow on to the pitch.

3. The Scout, The Boss. No matter if you are in a pro soccer tryouts in Europe or attending international soccer trials wherever around the world, the scout who leads the football trial always will talk to the group and it is very important to listen carefully. If it is necessary to ask him a question, respond back confidently, speaking in a louder voice but always with respect if something is not clear. Showing confidence and take a good posture at that moment will grab his attention for sure and that means he will want to see what you have to offer on to the pitch.

4. One important tip on how to play soccer during a trial is "Focus on your game". In contrast to the previous soccer tryout tip, once you take the field of play, ignore the scout or the coach who leads the soccer trial. Soccer scouts and coaches do not like it when you look at them while you play. To turn your head towards the coaches or scouts shows insecurity. They think you are looking for approval and in the worst case you will get much more nervous if they saw your mistake. It is well known within the scouts’ circle that looking at the bench during practices is a red cross on your evaluation checklist. Let your game speak for you.

5. Ready to give your best? As we previously mentioned, “a soccer tryout is a job interview” and when we attend a job interview we must show ourselves in our best light (unless you do not want to get a job). This is no time to be lazy or pretend to be a soccer star yelling to everybody to pass the ball to you and try to make “the game move”. Scouts are more interested in a player physically, technically, tactically and overall mentally strong who could play in a collaborative way (after all, they are looking for a talented player to augment their soccer team). Do not show off but rather showcase your real strengths. You must be aware of your best abilities and avoid situations that could showcase your weaknesses as much as possible.

6. Which position are you applying for? Most of the time, soccer scouts will ask you what position you play and other times do not. Getting stuck in the wrong position for much of the tryout may minimize your ability to stand out – Fight for it – You will be more effective when playing your ideal position. Kindly ask to the coach or scout about switching to your best position and showcase why it is. Whatever your position is, scouts will evaluate dynamism, speed, physical strength, endurance and specific characteristics of the position associated to your decision-making ability. In many trials however, you might not immediately get to play your position, so being a versatile player is highly advantageous for being selected for a team and during the trial process.

  • Professional attitude. Many times we note that the best players do not make the best teams. This is due to the fact that talent is just a part – a big one – of what coaches are looking for on their squad.

7. Lead the way. When you take part of a soccer tryout you will definitely meet different kinds of soccer players. There is the shy (whom never will hear any word from), the social (who never stops talking), the experienced (who tell other what is coming), the bragger (nobody knows why he is not playing pro yet) and the leader (Who take momentarily the role of the captain). Leading the way on the pitch will add points to your sheet. Be open with other players, try to collaborate with them in a way that all can showcase their best. It will be easy to identify talented players. Try to work with them and stand out by yourself. You will get more attention from the scouts or coaches and your game will flow better.

8. Push your limits. Your body is capable of more than you know and during a football tryout there is not time to take it easy and keep your energy for later. Show the scouts that you have great work ethic and fitness. Do not be afraid to be physical using your body to dominate the pitch. Be focused in every play you can. Leaving the football tryout exhausted will give you extra points with soccer scouts. Every soccer coach want a commited talented player who are not afraid to leave the heart on the pitch.

9. Professional attitude. Many times we note that the best players do not make the best teams. This is due to the fact that talent is just a part – a big one – of what coaches are looking for on their squad. Coaches like to be listened to, and know that players who listen will improve in their performance. Coaches like players that are easy to coach and could follow the strategy they have planned for the team. Whatever happens on the pitch, do not lose your temper, keep focused the whole time and following his advice. This will show him you are mature enough to be a key piece of his chess table.

10. Being realistic. It is true that there are a variety of pro soccer tryouts and clubs where one can start an international soccer career, but it is important to be aware about the level we are at before deciding which football tryout to partake in. Unfortunately, frequently parents magnify their children´s football skills, over-evaluating the youth soccer player, fueling a terrible arrogant attitude. We suggest having the feet on the ground and before trying to get into pro soccer tryouts, a player should start by trialing in a well regarded amateur or youth division soccer club. The most important thing is to be immersed in a competitive soccer environment and to embark on pro soccer tryouts when a player is ready, already prepared and knowing how to execute the technical, tactical and physical aspects of the sport.

From International Fútbol X-Change (IFX), we hope these “10 Soccer Tryouts Tips to remember in your next Football Trial” help you to perform better during your next soccer tryout and encourage you to go after your dreams of becoming the best player you can be. You can follow us in our different social media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) or subcribe to our newsletter to be informed about our programs along the year. See you onto the pitch!

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