After being scouted for Goalkeeper trainings in the City of Erlangen and As part of the summer transfer window in Germany, we are pleased to announce that Colombian Goalkeeper Samuel Alzate (18), in his second consecutive year with IFX in Germany, was signed by Landesliga Nordost club FSV Erlangen-Bruck. Colombian goalkeeper had the opportunity to get scouted in one of the IFX goalkeeper trainings in Erlangen under the watchful eye of the FSV Erlangen-Bruck goalkeeper coach Dirk Schrott. After an intense GK training session and strong performance by Alzate, the coaches of the U23 Team, Fabian Müller and Dieter Bütner, who were present on the field,  offered Alzate the opportunity to sign for Erlangen.

Over the last year, IFX coaches and representatives have seen significant progress in Samuel, and his development has earned him the opportunity to move up divisions in a country with one of the most competitive league systems of the world.

“Soccer-wise I would say that it has helped me a lot in terms of playing quicker and smarter. Also, since I am a goalkeeper I had to improve my footwork in every sense. It was hard at the beginning because I started out as the slowest player for SK Lauf in terms of speed of play, but I decided to push myself and improve and I started playing better and with more confidence. When I went back to Colombia and trained I felt the difference between the level that I was before, and even my coaches noticed it because I also applied techniques that I learned in Germany that helped me a lot.” Alzate stated.

The Colombian goalkeeper is part of the Pro IFX Year University program. In this unique program, IFX provides young talented students the combination of higher education with the dream to live in Germany and play soccer with real German Soccer Clubs. Samuel confessed that in the beginning it was hard because even though he understood English (the University is conducted in English) it was hard to change to English as the main language but then his English proficiency accelerated, and this has been reflected in his grades. Being surrounding by other English native speakers in the IFX Haus also has helped him to master his English language. As for German, he is taking classes and is trying to study every day to one day achieve fluency in German. “Also, since I am a goalkeeper my teammates should be able to understand what I am saying so it is another reason why I am trying to learn more.” Samuel stated.

  • “I think they have supported me well. The IFX staff is compassionate and professional, and they are always there to help you with advice in every sense, how to improve in soccer, injuries, visa processes, etc.”

Nowadays, Samuel is working extremely hard to achieve a place on the main roster.  He has also being given the opportunity to train more often because they allowed him to join the U17 goalkeeper training. Samuel is training from Monday to Friday and some days are double sessions since the U17 training starts earlier. Regarding his new German team Samuel said: “My teammates are pretty nice, both first and second team. I feel like they push me to be better or match their level, at least in the second team, but I feel that the environment is nice. In Erlangen, the coaches and the teammates are closer to each other. The players also show professionalism in terms that they take it more serious than the young players that I used to play with in the past.”  

FSV Erlangen-Bruck is located in the suburb of Bruck in the city of Erlangen, Bavaria. Bayernliga promotion was finally achieved when the club won the Landesliga in 2008 and this season for sure they will be fighting for the top of the table. Samuel highlighted the fact that facilities are pretty good, the fields, locker rooms, and all the conditions that the team has gives you the chance to train and play comfortably. It is a place that also motivates you to play. “Every time that I see the main field I just imagine myself playing again, that field is the best one and the one that they take care of the most”. 

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Regarding upcoming season, Samuel told us that the main thing that he has been asked from the coaching staff is to play faster, quicker, and smarter, all things that he has been working on. “I have to take it to the next level since I am playing in a more intense league. I know I can do it and I will give my best to perform and help the team as much as I can.” Samuel will complement his club training obligations with extra session in our Soccer Academy in Nürnberg next to other IFX Students. “My relation with IFX students is really good. We respect each other and we try to hang out a lot or just do stuff together. One thing that I like the most is that they are really motivated, so they are always willing to train when they do not have team practices. That helps me a lot with my development too because I can learn different things from different people and challenge myself with their expertise.”

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