Youth IFX player Eugene Heger voted as a Top Eleven of the week in Germany


After only 3 matches, the young talented player Eugene Heger (16) was voted as a Top Eleven of the Week for the U17 District League 2, playing for FC Hürth U17. The Houston native touched down in the city of Köln as part of Youth Year IFX Germany program – a soccer program that enables young soccer players to partake in an academic year abroad while they play with a competitive German soccer club. The defensive midfielder is making a big impact so far with his German club, demonstrating strong technical ball control and possession. Heger is a smart player, playing his role in the team’s formation, staying well positioned both in attack and defense. Heger’s good vision has also contributed to helping the team with many assists and one goal.

“I actually first heard the news from my parents in the US. I don’t really keep up with the weekly news from our league and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know there was a Top Eleven of the Week. I just go out every weekend and try to play the best I can while having fun. With that being said, I am very grateful for the honor and can only thank my teammates for helping me out. I am very proud of the way we played that weekend to go away from home and tie the #1 team in the league and almost win. It was also pretty nice getting my name on the score sheet for the first time with FC Hürth“.

FC Hürth e. V. is a football club in the city of Hürth, North Rhine-Westphalia. The club was created on 17 June 2007 by merger of the Spielvereinigung 1919 Hürth – Hermülheim with the BC Berrenrath 1926, both historical clubs in the area. The Mittelrheinliga (until 2008 Verbandsliga Mittelrhein) is the highest division of the football association Mittelrhein, currently the fifth highest class in the German league system, and their U17s compete in the highest state league, Mittlerheinliga. “I was skeptical of the team at first, but once I got to know more about my teammates, coaches and the club, I felt more at home” Eugene stated.

  • Youth Year IFX Germany enables young soccer players to play with a competitive German soccer club
  • "I did it, because I thought it would be a fun year to maybe get better at soccer and be able to put something unique on my college résumé"

Before heading to Germany, Eugene was playing for Rise SC 02B Elite IC (Southern Regional Premier League) but then decided to come to Germany to enhance his soccer development as part of his long term plan to attend college with a strong men´s soccer program once he comes back. “If I maintain good grades, continue to improve in soccer and spend a year in Germany as part of the IFX program then I will be able to attend school at almost any college of my choice”. Furthermore, he would like to pursue a career in the business of sport. He dreams to get a job at FIFA.

“When I first came to Germany, I was expecting the soccer here to be very rough and physical, prioritizing larger and bulkier players who could win headers and win challenges. However, what I have found is that the best teams here play very quick one and two touch soccer and they rely on smarter, technically-skilled players to exploit the defense rather than simply trying to use “kick-and-run” tactics. This suits my style of play much better as I am a bit smaller, but I am very good technically and have a good tactical awareness of the game”.

As for the educational aspect of the IFX program, Eugene attends Kaiserin Augusta Schule which is an all-German language gymnasium in Köln. Both the teachers and students have been extremely friendly and helpful throughout his time in Germany. “I have soccer practice on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with games on Saturday or Sunday. I take the S-Bahn to and from practice/home games and I go either with the rest of my host family or with the team bus to away games. I spend a lot of my free time here playing soccer and board games with my host family, along with exploring the city and hanging out with my friends from school. Heger declared himself as soccer mad. He enjoys both watching sports on television and reading about sports in the newspaper or in magazines.

“I decided with my parents that I was ready and willing to be a part of this program. I did it because I thought it would be a fun year to maybe get better at soccer and be able to put something unique on my college résumé. What I have gained from this experience so far, though, has been completely different. I have been able to learn a new language, meet new people, learn about a new culture, and learn more about myself as a person. I would like to say that I am currently really enjoying my time here in Germany. I am very satisfied with mostly everything going on right now, especially because tomorrow is Karneval here in Cologne. My host family, my school, and my football team have all been pretty good. I have learned so many things about both myself and Germany, and I am just having a good time here”.

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