Pro IFX Player Kevin Perez signed by SC 04 Schwabach e.V.


Schwabach, Bayern. As part of the Pro IFX Germany program and after successfully complete his soccer trials with various Bavarian football clubs, we are happy to announce that Kevin Perez (20) a native from California (USA) has been signed by the well-known Landesliga Bayern Nordost runner-up: SC 04 Schwabach e.V. to play in the first team for the current season. The centenarian club and worthy representative of the beautiful city of Schwabach identified Kevin as great opportunity to add as a creative midfielder to its squad. And their gamble has proven to be a successful endeavor. Since September 2017, Perez has become a mainstay in the Schwabach line-up, racking up 452 minutes, with 2 goals and 3 assists including a recent game-winner over league leaders ATSV Erlangen.

Since Kevin arrived to Germany, he has been enrolled in an intensive German Language class and alongside other IFX players, trains weekly aside from his Schwabach club team with the IFX Soccer Academy located in Fürth, a supplementary training opportunity for players within the Pro IFX Year Germany program. Here, IFX players fine tune their soccer skills with drills to help them adapt to the German soccer style. This additional training is especially important while they are undergoing soccer trials with top German soccer clubs in the Bayern region. Kevin and his mates live in the IFX Haus as part of the program, a fully furnished accommodation, and also receive ongoing support from IFX representatives, making their stay more pleasurable and allowing them to focus on developing their language skills and soccer.

Eventhough SC 04 Schwabach e.V. was founded in 1996, its origins date back to early 1900s from the merge of TSV 04 Schwabach (1904) and 1. SC Schwabach (1897). Nowadays, SC 04 Schwabach e. V. owns its own facilities and a modern stadium with capacity for 4780 (780 covered seats).

As for Kevin, he started playing soccer around 4 years old and since there he has not stopped. Within his history as footballer, highlights have included the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and attend a soccer academy in the department of Puerto Barrios. The National Guatemalan U17 team wanted to recruit him because of his talent and Guatemalan roots. He then played with San José Earthquakes Academy for 2 seasons and just prior to his journey to Germany he played for Las Positas College.

  • Schwabach identified Kevin as great opportunity to add as a creative midfielder to its squad.
  • Since Kevin arrived to Germany, he has been enrolled in an intensive German Language class.

Kevin is a creative player, he enjoys being on the ball and plays simple. You can see him always turning his head to see if there are players around him. He is a very active player, always moving, not stuck in one place, trying to create opportunities and not afraid to take players one v one. My purpose to go into the Pro IFX Germany Program, in addition to learning the German language, is to give my best and learn every aspect of the German culture of soccer and of course continue progressing up in my soccer career and one day become pro, stated Kevin.

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