IFX Soccer-Germany Player Recap- Fall 2014


Regionalliga Südwest

KSV Baunatal (Tristan Watson)

Tristan Watson [Fupa Link] has started in 3 Regionalliga Südwest matches after transferring from ASV Neumarkt during the 2014 summer transfer window.  The Toronto native has played in 7 matches; highlighted against SVN Zweibrucken (full match), FC Nottingen (60 minutes played) and former Bundesliga side TuS Koblenz (1-0 Win; 34 minutes played withdrawn because of injury).

Regionalliga Bayern

SV Seligenporten (Paolo Bucci, Nate Weiss, Aidan Tucker)

Paolo Bucci [Fupa Link]- after recently receiving his clearance from US Soccer, our 23 year old defender makes his club debut in an away loss to ASV Hollfeld (3:0) during the 10th matchday fixture of the Landesliga Nordost.

Aidan Tucker [Fupa Link]– Through 20 matches, Tucker, has managed two goals and one assist. Tucker is a regular fixture in the lineup and has played in just about every match for the Regionalliga reserve squad; currently of the Landesliga Nordost.

  • Jordan Pacheco – Pacheco has made 15 appearances for the reserve squad (A-Klasse 2), including 2 goals, one a game winner against TSV Lonnerstadt II.

BayernLiga Nord

SV Memmelsdorf (Mallette, Andreychuk, Epstein)

David Andreychuk [Fupa Linkhas played in 4 matches during the first half of the season (SSV Jahn Regensburg, Viktoria Aschaffenburg, SC Eltersdorf, Haibach) for the bottom dwellers of the BayernLiga Nord. Meanwhile fellow Canadian, Thomas Mallette [Fupa Link] has played in 22 matches (1 goal/1assist). His lone goal came in a 4-1 away loss to TSV Grossbardorf played on 07.30.14. American Sam Ebstein, made four appearances (FC Amberg, Aubstadt, Frohnlach, Jahn Forcheim).

BayernLiga Süd

TSV 1860 Rosenheim (Faerber & Torvic)

Jon Faerber [Fupa Link] had featured in all matches leading up to the 8th matchday fixture of the BayernLiga Sud. Through the first 7 matches in net for TSV 1860, Rosenheim and Faerber had a -3 goal differential. Marvin Torvic [Fupa Link], also a French Guiana National team player, has featured in 18 BayernLiga Süd matches as well as 3 Totopokal cup matches. The last of which was a 1:6 home loss to former 3.Liga side SV Wacker Burghausen. Faerber has since left TSV Rosenheim and has joined TSV Nürnberg Buch during the 2014-15 winter transfer period. Faerber on change to TSV Buch

Landesliga Mitte

ASV Neumarkt (Sheridan)

Michael Sheridan [Fupa Link] made his debut for ASV in the 8th matchday fixture of the Landesliga Mitte,coming on late in the second half in an away loss (1:0) to ASV Cham. Sheridan has featured in a total of 9 matches this round of play.

Sheridan was in good form during the 9th, 10th and 11th match day fixture and has ASV Neumarkt on a 3 game unbeaten streak (wins vs SpVgg Lam, TSV Langquaid, and a tie versus SV Fortuna RegensburgSheridan has also featured in the Totopokal with wins over SC Eltersdorf, and SpVgg Bayern Hof. Neumarkt recently crashed out of the Bavarian cup in a 3:1 loss to Regionalliga Bayern club SpVgg Bayreuth.

Landesliga Nordwest

TSV Neustadt/Aisch
*Nathan Mangione joins TSV Neustadt/Aisch after Pro IFX 30 day trial in October. Eric Friedlander also joins Neustadt after switching over from Dergahspor Nuremberg, both are eligible to compete in the 2nd half of the season.

U19 BayernLiga

Quelle Fürth U-19s (Swenson)

SG Quelle U-19s opened up the 2014-15 Youth BayernLiga season against promoted side FC DeisenhofenSG Quelle would come away victories 2:1. The fixture was followed up with a scoreless draw at home against SV Wacker Burghausen. With the draw SG Quelle finds themselves in familiar territory from last season, having taken 4 points from their opening 2 matches.


SV Buckenhofen (Zeringue & Pacheco)

Austin Zeringue – Zeringue has made 20 Bezirksliga appearance thru the first half of the season; having found the back of the net on three occasions. (home draw against FC Bayern Kickers Nürnberg and 2:1 loss to SK Lauf, home 2-2 draw against Cagrispor Nürnberg)

Austin featured on Fupa.net

Jordan Pacheco – Pacheco has made 15 appearances for the reserve squad (A-Klasse 2), including 2 goals, one a game winner against TSV Lonnerstadt II. This is Jordan’s first playing venture in Europe and we are hopeful he integrates himself into the first squad shortly.

TSV Winkelhaid (Sacchini, Dalpra)

Gabrial Dalpra has 1 goal/2 assists thru 13 matches played while Christian Sacchini has featured in 14 matches. Sacchini joins over from FSV Erlangen-Bruck while Dalpra is in Europe for the first time. We wish them best of luck during the second half of the season.

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