IFX partner club SV Seligenporten hosts Bundesliga club 1.FC Nürnberg


As part of 2018-19 pre season in Germany, two top clubs in Franconia, Germany faced each other in MARena stadium (Pyrbaum) in a highly entertaining game. The host, the Bayernliga club and IFX partner club SV Seligenporten, led by coach Hendrik Baumgart, had consolidated its team aiming to be a leader in the league this first half season. Two IFX players were signed by The Klosterers for this season: Kamron Crow (22) and Andreas Bauer (20) who were given the opportunity to appear that afternoon against the 1. Bundesliga “Traditionsverein” 1. FC Nürnberg. That day the host wore their characteristic red shirts. The guest, the recently promoted to 1. Bundesliga, 1.FC Nürnberg led by coach Michael Köllner, still looking for the ideal starting eleven at the time to rise to the challenge of playing at highest tier of German football. 1.FCN dressed in their white visitor football shirts. Both teams displayed a great technical bout throughout the game, and fans were delighted to see their favorite players in action during exciting 90 minutes.

IFX and Seligenporten midfielder Kamron Crow, had a strong performance in the midfield, dueling frequently against Timothy Tillman, another top German grown star who recently was acquired by 1.FC Nürnberg from FC Bayern München, and who has chosen to play for the US National Team rather than his home country of Germany.

SV Seligenporten starting lineup: Dominic Dachs, Kai Neuerer, Tobias Kramer, Marco Janz,Vincent Piwernetz, Tim Olchewski, Marco Wiedmann, Raffael Kobroszki, Mergim Bajrami, Dino Kardovic and Fletcher. Substitutions: 46´ Kunze for Dachs, 63´ Bauer for Fletcher, 63´ Crow for Kramer, 63´ Tesic for Piwernetz, 63´ Moos for Olschewski, 71´ Petrakic for Neuerer, 71´ Selmani for Kardovic, 81´ Wunderlich for Bajrami, 84´ Mayakov for M. Wiedmann.

1.FC Nurnberg starting lineup: Christian Mathenia, Geor Margreitter , Ewerton José Almeida Santos, Lukas Mühl – Lukas Jäger, Simon Rhein, Patrick Erras, Edward Löwen, Federico Palacios, Törles Knöll , Mikael. Substitutions: IshakEinwechslungen: 46´ Valentini for Jäger, 46´ Behrens for Erras, 46´ Fuchs for Löwen, 46´ Tillman for Palacios, ,46´ Zrelak for Ishak, 46´ Salli for Knöll, 46´ Bredlow for Mathenia, 59´ Piwernetz for Ewerton, 72´ Löwen for Margreitter, 72´ Jäger für Mühl, 78´ Kerk for Rhein.

  • Two IFX players were signed by The Klosterers for this season: Kamron Crow (22) and Andreas Bauer (20)
  • Timothy Tillman, was recently acquired by 1.FC Nürnberg from FC Bayern München, and he has chosen to play for the US National Team instead German.

1.FC Nürnberg´s striker, Törles Knöll, opened the scoring in the 5th minute after a rocket pass from Eduard Löwen. Knöll just had to push the ball to the goal. Initial Seligenporten nervousness resulted in and own goal by center-back Tobias Kramer who headed the ball into his own goal after 17 minutes, scoring the second goal for “Der Club”. Before the first half ended, it was mostly a midfield bout, but 1.FCN continued to look dangerous. Baumgart readjusted his formation at the start of the second half, giving more emphasis on defense and protecting against the FCN counterattack. Unfortunately for Seligenporten, they could not answer with a goal and the Cameroonian Edgar Salli sealed the 3-0 FCN victory after a very precise pass, on the edge of the box, from substitute Sebastian Kerk, who had to pause for almost a year after an Achilles tendon tear in August 2017. What a way to come back!

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