From IFX German Football Academy to play for 3. Bundesliga club | Gonzalo López


Saxony, Germany. To play soccer as a Professional is a lengthy and arduous process which demands players who are not just skilled but resilient and tireless. This is the story of Gonzalo López (17), a native from Guadalajara, Mexico who has recently been transferred to Third Bundesliga club FSV Zwickau to play 2019-20 season for its U19 team, who currently competes in Regional Nordost (the second highest tier of the Youth German Football league system).

Gonzalo's first experience with IFX was in 2018 when he joined to our IFX Youth Year Germany (program that enables players to study and play football in Germany). At that time, we successfully placed Gonzalo to play for SV Eintracht Hohkeppel e.V. a very competitive team from the Bezirksliga Mittelrhein in an effective way to get Gonzalo used to the style of play in Germany and strengthen his capacities.

During this period Gonzalo benefited from a secure environment provide by his Host family in Germany to continuing his studies in a local high school and be deeply immersed into German language and culture while he enjoyed the massive opportunity to train and compete for a real German soccer team.

In 2019, IFX Representatives and player's family agreed to boost Gonzalo's soccer development and registered him in our Residential German Football Academy (football academy in Germany for International students). This is one of the best soccer boarding schools in Germany where everything is focus on "Fussball" and school in an authentic program comprised of mainly German players. This was an incredible opportunity for Gonzalo to develop his game of football in a truly German football training environment, alongside talented youth German players from the region while also focusing on his high school studies and continuing to improve his German language skills. Gonzalo is now fluent in German and also speaks English, aside from his native Spanish tongue.

Today, Gonzalo is playing for the 3. Bundesliga team FSV Zwickau U19 in the second Division as a starter, working hard towards his international high school graduation and with the dream of becoming a professional footballer closer to achieve. This is a big step in the path of building his European football career and We from IFX wish Gonzalo the best of the luck for this season which we are sure will be the most challenging so far.

  • Gonzalo Lopez, at just 18 years old is now fluent in German and on his way to a spectacular future in Germany!

Regarding his new club:

FSV Zwickau is a German pro football club rich in history, founded in 1912. They won promotion in 1994 to the 2. Bundesliga where they would play four seasons. The team then descended through the third division and was sent down to the Landesliga Sachsen (V) because of non sporting related issues, but a successful campaign in 2005-06 earned them promotion back into the Oberliga. After six NOFV-Oberliga seasons, the club won the league in 2012 and earned promotion to the reformed tier four Regionalliga Nordost where it was playing as an upper table side until 2015-16. Zwickau was crowned as champion of Regionalliga Nordost and faced runner-up of Regionalliga Südwest at the promotion play-offs returning to the third level after 16 years.

IFX not only provides players from all around the world with international soccer programs in Germany, we also want our students to get life changing experiences through being in contact with a new cultures, helping them to grow as young adults while they play for real and competitive soccer club teams. Our commitment with Gonzalo and all the students that we work with is to guide them in the best way to achieve their goals and achieve their ambitions in both soccer and education.

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