Concord, California 16 year old, TJ Hogan, set out in early August to Germany with his bags packed to embark on a journey into a new land to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Former Diablo FC Striker, Hogan arrived first in Nürnberg, Germany to partake in an intense 2 week training camp with IFX. After training with top German clubs in Nürnberg including Erlangen-Bruck, SG Quelle Fürth, and SC Feucht, Hogan arrived on August 18th to his new home with a host family in Donaueschingen, Germany. Hogan shown in the picture to the left sits smiling after a intense first week with his new club FC 08 Villingen, who competes in the second highest tier of German youth soccer, the Baden-Württemburgisher Oberliga, sitting just below the youth Bundesliga.

After roughly 20 training sessions with the Youth Summer IFX program in Nürnberg, Hogan arrived to a tough week at Villingen, training 4 times per week and then gritting his teeth through an intense Trainingslager (Training Camp) over the weekend. Hogan commented, “I have never been more fit in my life. I feel healthy and ready to step up to the challenge here in  Germany”. Hogan was very impressed by his teammates technical abilities and quickness of play.

TJ Hogan Interview

C 08 Villingen is a well known club located in the southwestern part of Germany in the Black Forest region. Originally founded in 1908, FC 08 Villingen previously competed in the second division of German football, and now fields a semi-professional club in the statewide Baden-Württemburgisher Oberliga, the 5th highest German division. Their youth teams consist of their U19s (Hogan’s team), and U17s competing in the Oberliga Baden-Württemburg (2nd highest tier for U19s and U17s) and their U15s in Verbandsliga. The U19s face a tough league including professional youth teams of Bundesliga clubs including SV Sandhausen, 1. FC Heidenheim, SSV Ulm, and VfR Aalen.

Despite a tough schedule, FC 08 Villingen has a deep roster including striker Kai Brünker, a real “Deutsche Eiche” (German Oak), strong on the ball, dangerous in the air, and intimidating presence on the field. Other players of note include Tim Häring, a ’95er like Hogan, who also plays for the German Auswahl team, one step below the German National team. Häring will be attending the national player pool this Fall for possible selection to the national team.

  • Hogan arrived to a tough week at Villingen, training 4 times per week and then gritting his teeth through an intense Trainingslager (Training Camp) over the weekend.

Hogan has his work cut out for him in Germany, but his undying hunger to work hard will enable him to develop as a player and succeed during his stay in Germany. With his player pass in hand after a successful transfer, Hogan is “Spielberechtigt” as they say, for their first match this weekend against TSG Balingen. We wish TJ Hogan and FC Villigen all the success in 2012-13!

Head Trainer Jorg Klaussermann Interview

Teammate Kai Bruncker Interview

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