German newspapers highlight work of IFX as soccer Agent in Nürnberg


IFX Soccer Agency in Nürnberg: Soccer as an integrative element

By: Philipp Roser (Nürnberger Journalist)

IFX may seem a little cryptic but these 3 letters are by no means a word from the digital world nor a comic’s name. IFX stands for International Fútbol X-Change, a world-wide soccer agency placing players with amateur clubs and whose German primary office is located in Nürnberg.

IFX deals with International exchange in the broader sense through its wide variety of programs. The soccer agency organizes mainly language courses as well as higher education - as in the case of ICN Business School in Nürnberg - for people from all over the world. Its costumers have come and still mainly come from the USA, but also from Africa and even Myanmar. Soccer plays an important role as an “integrative element” stated Christian Schaller, deputy general manager for IFX in Germany. Schaller is responsible to coordinate the IFX exchange programs across Europe and especially in Germany, making it possible for student athletes to join and play for a soccer team during their stay here.

The picture shows American soccer player Kamron Crow (left) who currently plays for the first team of SV Seligenporten in defensive midfield. Source: Sportfoto Zink ©

“The level of football is mixed: We have some kids playing B-Klasse and others who are active in the Bayern League” stated Schaller who is well networked in the local area because of previous experience playing youth soccer at SG Quelle Fürth before he had to end his career early due to injury. Thanks to IFX, we have Nathaniel Drew goalkeeping for SVG Steinachgrund, leader of the District League; Kamron Crow in the Bayern League for SV Seligenporten, Rodrigo Lloveras in the rival league for DJK Don Bosco Bamberg and Joseph Paone at SK Lauf II in the Erlangen-Pegnitzgrund District League.

Schaller and his team provide various 30-Day Trial program options to interested players, who get the chance to learn about the country, culture, people and soccer. Regular training activities take place where Schaller and trainers from the region evaluate the quality of the players. Manfred Dedaj, FSV Stadeln e.V. main coach, has been with IFX since the beginning. “We train up to four times a week in the Summer, and there we briefly evaluate and decide which league could a player trial for.” Dedaj, who does not hide his interest in finding some prospects for Stadeln, declares: “I really enjoy meeting them one by one, explaining how things work and what is required here in Germany to achieve success.”

SG Quelle Fürth as a springboard to Malta

SG Quelle has had good experiences with players who have been transferred with no transfer fees by IFX. “We always had kids who played national leagues. The last one was Dany Djoufack who after having played with us went to Malta and became a professional there,” stated Thomas Färber, SG Quelle Team Manager. Färber also mentioned another factor that should not be underestimated: “There were good guys who also brought something more human to the team,” as referring to Jordan Ferrel – “kind of easy-going Californian surfer with Rasta curls who also played in Ansbach”.

It is also the case that foreign footballers see themselves to have a higher level than the Franconian trainers may believe them to have. “I think we can place the majority of them based on their performance”. For those who aspire to play in higher leagues as well as those who just want to improve as a soccer player or even to play for fun, we can place them.” Schaller stated.

With IFX as a private agency, all these marvels demand an investment. The trial month costs between $2500 and $3000 while a full season in Germany is just under $17,000. “The main customers are international students between the ages of 18 - 23 who have recently finished schools or who are in a gap year, that want to study abroad and “kick a bit” explains Schaller to his clientele.

According to Schaller, what IFX offers to young footballers and German clubs is one of those situations where everybody wins. Even as 2020 has been challenging due to Coronavirus pandemic, trials will resume as soon as situation allows it.

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