TSV Sack sign Indian soccer player Nathan Rasquinha


Rasquinha hits the list of Indian soccer players in Europe

For most Indian soccer players, the lack of infrastructure and competitive tournaments are a huge impediment to their development. In a country like India where cricket is the dominant sport, talented footballers have to look beyond the borders. This is the case for Nathan Rasquinha (20) a native of Mumbai, India who is taking his first steps in international football. Nathan decided to come to Germany to hone his game through our Pro IFX University program and get a chance to tryout for German football teams. Last week TSV Sack, a respected club on the outskirts of Fürth, confirmed the addition of Nathan to their men’s soccer team who compete in the Kreisliga, Nürnberg.

Before coming to Germany and joining our elite soccer development academy in Nürnberg, Nathan was affiliated with Athlon F.C. in Mumbai for 3 years. While pursuing his football ambitions Nathan continues with his higher education as well, and is in our 3 year program at our partner German University studying towards a Bachelor's in Business Administration in Nürnberg.

In addition to his club obligations, Rasquinha continues working hard. On the weekdays he has two to three IFX training sessions and two to three club trainings with TSV Sack spread throughout the week. On the weekends he usually has a league game with his team. Living, studying and playing soccer abroad definitely is a big change in life but one of the most rewarding and unique experiences you can go through in Germany is living the German “soccer” culture next to other like-minded people within a professional and safe environment.

For sure, there is a long way to go for India to enter the list of top soccer playing nations but we are optimistic about the development of Nathan for the coming years playing in Germany. With constant effort and dedication he finally hits the list of Indian origin soccer players making tracks in greener pastures. We will be watching the development of Rasquinha and looking for news about his ascent through the German soccer leagues.

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