New England FC player Toby Prabhu transfers to JFG Wendelstein


Former New England Surf midfielder transfers to Germany

It’s Official! After completing successfully his tryout period with JFG Wendelstein, club’s representatives confirmed their interest to sign Toby Prabhu-Schlosser (18) to play the 2022-23 season with their U19s. JFG Wendelstein competes in the German U19 Landesliga and is based in the city of Wendelstein near Nürnberg feeding multiple teams in different leagues and partnering pro clubs in the area. Prabhu-Schlosser began his journey this Summer when he arrived to Nürnberg as part of our Pro IFX Year program - a program that enables competitive players to live, study and play soccer in Germany. Toby is a native from Brookline, growing up a part of the Development Academy (DA) competing for New England Surf FC After completing his high school in the States, like many others Toby decided to pursue European football and education abroad to not only provide himself with an opportunity for future success in football but also to discover the country of Germany and learn the German language. Coming from a German family background but growing up in the States, Toby looks forward to continuing to expand his German language skills.

“So far the experience has been very good. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and I’m glad I took it”.

Toby played almost every game during preseason, playing a lot of minutes and starting many games. Unfortunately he missed the first game of the season due to an injury but he is ready to play in the second game against another IFX Player and friend Cory Thomsen who is playing now for FSV Erlangen-Bruck. “The competition is very good. Every game we play is a tough match. The difference between each team is very small. Furthermore, you can see a lot of preparation for each match, not only during the week but also before  stepping onto the field. We spend around 45 minutes just talking about tactics,” Toby stated.

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Academically, Toby opted to study German language at our partner Language Institute in Nürnberg. Learning the local language is a tremendous advantage our players enjoy, not only during training with their respective clubs but also it helps them to enjoy at a maximum their leisure time. Germans appreciate more foreigners who are integrating well into their culture. “The language is getting easier every day. The more I hear it the better I get. Our German classes start in two weeks and I’m very excited for them. I hope by the end of the year I can fully communicate and not even need to use English,” he added.

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We from IFX Soccer wish him all the best in this season with JFG Wendelstein U19’s team and we are sure he will positively impact on the team while he continue developing as a player in Germany.

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