Good start for Caribbean striker Geovannie Lake playing for DJK Bamberg


Fans of Bayernliga DJK Don Bosco Bamberg in Germany have a lot to look forward to this season with the recent signing of Caribbean striker Geovannie Lake (21) who Bamberg secured to strengthen the attack in a late summer free transfer from his home country St. Kitts and Nevis . Lake and the club agreed to a fall commitment with open possibilities past the first half of German season, while Lake also would return home to the Caribbean to occasional call ups from the National Team of St. Kitts and Nevis. Lake has been a recent standout striker in the Olympic Quaifiers, scoring several goals and even eliminating the Caribbean powerhouse Jamaica from the competition.

After just two practices with the first team, Bamberg’s head coach Rolf Vitzthum offered Lake a roster spot on the team. The bet placed by Vitzthum seems to bear fruits since Geovannie scored 2 goals in his first 3 matches. Lake plays mostly as a #9 and still trying to synchronize fully with his new teammates. “They are still trying to understand my style of play and vice versa, because Germans play a more organized game of football while in the Caribbean it is more direct, fast paced football and a lot of counter attacking" Lake stated.

We from IFX wanted to know more about Geovannie's experience and share with our readers details of his experience to play soccer overseas and this was what he answered:

(IFX) What is what you like the most about your new club and the experience you are living now in Germany?

(Geovannie) I like the unity of the guys, they are a nice group of guys that loves the game. Germany is nice and the city of Bamberg is beautiful, I like the new/different environment and I experience different things on a daily basis; like the learning a bit of the language, culture, how the people operates, food, music, etc.

(IFX) What is your opinion about the team and the league you are competing now?

(Geovannie) I think we have a great group of guys here on the team. The league is ok, but we just have to work hard and work together in order to move up into league.

(IFX) How is it going with German Language?

(Geovannie) I understand basic German stuff because in my leisure time when I am not training or doing extra work I have been practicing some German.

(IFX) Since you arrived Germany, how has been the experience next to your IFX peers?

(Geovannie) I had a few sessions with the IFX guys when I first got here just to keep us in shape and get in some touches. I like the guys at IFX they are a cool group of guys and I have a few buddies there but since moving to Bamberg it has been a while since I saw them because Fürth is a far from where I'm staying now.

(IFX) From your own experience. What would you say is the most shocking to play soccer overseas or more specific, to come to Germany?

(Geovannie) Nothing is shocking to me I don't know why at the moment but is just good to play somewhere else for a change and play in a different system.  I find Germans to be nice people, they always greet one another and they are people with manners and respect. As I said before Bamberg is a nice beautiful city with good people and good vibes.

(IFX) What your routine consist of now and what are you plans for future in short - middle term?

(Geovannie) I train 2 - 3 times a day and even when the team is not training I am doing my personal sessions. My plans here is to try and help the team move up and score as many goals as possible and then try to go pro that is my ultimate goal.

(IFX) Finally, in your personal opinion, what do you think about IFX?

(Geovannie) I think the role of IFX soccer is to help you get an opportunity to play for a team, go to university or even both at the same time. Definitely I would recommend it to because I find it to be a good agency and very efficient.

(IFX) Thanks for your time and wish you the best in this season and a success soccer career.

IFX Germany Soccer Agency together with his home agent wish him tremendous luck in his bright future.

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