Striker Antonio Schoenegger transferred to FC Stein in Germany


After one season playing soccer in Germany representing ASV Vach´s colors, the Pro IFX Player Antonio Schoenegger (19) enters his second consecutive year in the Pro IFX Year Germany University program, and has been officially transferred to German football club FC Stein. After his 2018-19 season with ASV Vach finished and after making the careful decision to move clubs, the striker trialed with three new clubs and was fortunate to be able to choose from all three. Antonio trailed with Heilsbronn, Guttenstetten, and FC Stein, the latter with who he ended up signing for this 2019-20 season in Kreisliga Nürnberg.

“IFX has given me a lot of support in helping me determine what I need to do, when I need to do it, and where I need to do it. Christian especially has helped me through getting oriented and finding new places to play and helped me move my player license from my last team to my current team. ” Antonio stated.

FC Stein is a German soccer club from the beautiful city of Nürnberg, and a solid mid-level Amateur club in a region with rich soccer history dating back over a century with professional German football teams in the region like 1. FC Nürnberg and SpVgg Greuther-Fürth. Antonio´s time in Germany has helped him to develop as a player in that he is more physically adapted to the German game and more technical on the ball, since that is the main basis of play in Germany. FC Stein´s coach, Thomas Eckert, is confident that Antonio will get quality minutes on the field and get some goals, thus achieving good team results and moving up positions in the league.

Academically, throughout the academic year/season, Antonio will continue attending a Bachelor’s degree program in International Management in the IFX partner Business School. This is an exclusive program of IFX Soccer which provides young talented footballers the combination of higher education and the dream to live in Germany playing soccer. “I am in my second year of university and I have worked hard to maintain good grades. I am also working on learning the German language so that I can converse with more people in my free time.” Antonio explained.

  • “Soccer is my favorite thing in the world and I am appreciative that IFX has given me the opportunity to chase my dreams in Germany. Just as important are my studies, where I am studying towards my Bachelor’s degree and learning about the culture and language of Germany.”

“The Stein facilities are very nice and roomy. I do believe that I have all I need to train and play high level with what they give to us. What I like the most is that the level of play is better and pushes me to be a better player. My new teammates are nice people and all try to communicate with me on the pitch and off of it. The main difference playing in Stein compared to my previous club is the level of play.”

Regarding living in Germany, Antonio told us that the experience with IFX peers in practice has been good for the most part. They all try to push themselves to work harder and play as a team together so that they can better themselves and other players as well. During their leisure time, most of them hang out together and do things so that they feel like a real team and almost as close as a brotherhood would feel. Many IFX students spend time together so that they can feel at home, no matter how far away home really is. They also do things together in the house like watch soccer games or movies or even play video games from time to time.

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