SVG Steinachgrund sign IFX Pro Year Germany player Riley Keating


Pro Year IFX Germany | Semi professional soccer opportunities for Americans in Germany

The 20-year-old former Ferrum College midfielder was signed this week by SVG Steinachgrund for the Season 2021-22. After a couple of weeks of semi pro soccer team tryouts in Germany, Riley Keating, a native of Leesburg, Virginia, was given an offer to reinforce the midfield of Gutenstetten’s team by the club’s representatives. SVG Steinachgrund was the winner of the preseason Pokal and is heading into the season looking at their prime, and eager to continue to achieve success in the upcoming season, adding fresh names to their mature and seasoned squad. Keating is a player with good spatial awareness and his 1.85 meters stature will be a great asset adding to the team’s midfield, led by Head Coach Norbert Nein and his coaching staff. Riley was looking for an opportunity to improve his overall soccer skills and learn more about the beautiful game. Once he heard about IFX Soccer and the opportunity they give players, he really wanted to play in Germany and committed to our Pro IFX Year Germany program.

SVG Steinachgrund have a very competitive atmosphere and plays at a high level of soccer. The coaching has been objective and oriented around improving specific aspects. There’s never a drill where the benefits of it aren’t explained," Riley stated.

With integration into the German culture and community as a fundamental aspect in all of our programs, Riley is going to study at our partner language institute in Nürnberg to improve his German language skills and potentially study at a university here in Germany. Furthermore, he and other IFX players will continue training at IFX Soccer academy in Fürth as part of an intense and focused training regimen led by German soccer coaches focused on developing specific player skills, mastering the fundamentals of German football and improving technical and tactical football aptitude.


The Pro Year IFX Germany is a great opportunity for competitive footballers to play soccer abroad. Our program enables rapid adaptation into the German soccer style through our soccer academy training sessions and immersion of players within real German soccer club environments. Not only do players take part in training and competition but also have the opportunity to socially integrate with their teammates and fans. In Germany the world of football is considered a cultural asset... Der Fussball (how soccer is called in Germany).

You can make this goal come true! Germany's professional football league system is closely integrated with their extensive Amateur system with opportunities for players of all levels. You can make your time in Germany an unforgettable experience and pursue this great opportunity to start a career in soccer overseas.

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