Gonzalo López keeps climbing the ladder to play professional soccer in Germany


IFX Soccer Transfer News: Gonzalo Lopez signs for Regionalliga club TSV Rain am Lech

With the hope of becoming a professional soccer player in Europe, Gonzalo López Güereña (19) comes on step closer to reach professional soccer leagues in Germany.  After spending the most recent full season with 3.Bundesliga club FSV Zwickau's U19 team, Gonzalo and our soccer agency in Germany took the decision to move to the Bayern region to find his next opportunity.  Shortly before ex-coach Dominic Hausner left Regionalliga club Rain am Lech this summer, IFX organized a trial for Gonzalo through Hausner (former Neumarkt coach of IFX's Tristan Watson). Gonzalo immediately made an impact in trials and left an impression strong enough to convince not only Hausner, but also the interim C0-Trainers Johannes Müller and Nike Schröttle who managed the coaching transition before arrival of current Head Trainer Krzyzanowski. López's signing became official late August.

Rain am Lech is German soccer club with over 100 years of history and competes currently in the Regionalliga, the fourth tier of German soccer pyramid (just one below Fußball-Bundesliga structure).

Since López's arrival, he has so far made 2 appearances in league matches with the 1st team and 5 for the second while breaking his way into the 1st team. Rain has been struggling a bit to find their rhythm this season but has had some convincing recent victories against Bundesliga reserves 1.FC Nürnberg, Pipinsried, and held their own in their recent 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich reserves. The league is stacked with pro clubs reserve teams including FC Bayern München, SpVgg Greuther Fürth, 1.FC Nürnberg, FC Augsburg, and SpVgg Unterhaching,

On the brink to play professional soccer

Gonzalo López's football story did not start recently, nor his relationship with IFX. In 2017-18, Gonzalo first joined our Youth Year IFX program and lived near Dortmund, Germany living with a host family and playing for local club SV Eintracht Hohkeppel. After developing his first season in Germany, he moved for the next season to parter High Performance Soccer Academy SSV 07 Schlotheim where he competed in the U17 Regionalliga. His development and performances continued making large strides, to where IFX managed his move for the following season to pro club FSV Zwickau for the 2019-20 campaign, where Gonzalo earned a spot as a starting Center Bank for their U19s as a younger birthyear player, and racked up many appearances and minutes for the mid-table U19 Regionalliga side, and maintaining their playing class for the following season in the Regionalliga.

Covid then struck, leaving Gonzalo stranded in Mexico for the covid season 2020-21, despite being one year away from obtaining his German high school Abitur. Despite this major setback, Gonzalo was determined to stay on course, and returned back to Germany in July 2021 to resume his study and soccer ambitions.

If you are wondering how to become a professional soccer player, doing so requires more than natural talent and motivation. A right path must be followed and this takes careful support and planning, which IFX has managed for hundreds of players. Now at TSV Rain am Lech, Gonzalo will attempt to excel among young adults soccer players and build upon his skills within a league scouted by and made up of many Bundesliga pro reserve teams.


As for TSV Rain am Lech, the club's most notable achievement has been to qualify for the tier four Regionalliga Bayern in 2012, where it played for two seasons before relegation in 2014. They returned to this league for a single season after a Bayernliga title in 2015. The club has also qualified for the first round of the DFB-Pokal, the German Cup, once, courtesy of a runners-up finish in the Bavarian Cup. They play their home matches at Georg-Weber-Stadion, a beautiful venue for 3400 beholders

  • Now at TSV Rain am Lech, Gonzalo will attempt to excel among young adults soccer players

After 5 matches with the second team, and 2 appearances for the first team led by Head coach Tobias Luderschmid, the Guadalajaran native is working hard and maintains a resolute focus of becoming a professional footballer. We talked to Gonzalo and now we bring you the interview.

IFX: Hello Gonzalo, congratulations and thanks for your time. Could you recap these years with IFX Soccer? Tell us about your overall experience.
Gonzalo: Hi, this is my fourth year with IFX and every year is a different challenge. My experience with them has been very good, they are always willing to help. Christian and Mike have been always there for me. I’ve know people all around the world and gain different experience. I do not regret coming to Germany with IFX.

IFX: How was it like to pass from Mexican to German soccer? And how did this mix help you to succeed in playing soccer in Europe? By the way, what was your first team in Mexico?
Gonzalo: It was not easy to adapt to German soccer, first for the language, to understand what your teammates and coach wants from you while you are playing, is not easy. It is more physical and intense. People in Germany are taller than in Mexico, so long balls and crosses are more common. My first team in Mexico was Guadalajara FC (Chivas), one of the best academies in Mexico. They focus a lot on technic and ball control, so since I was little they teach me that, to stay cool with the ball. That help me a lot to succeed.

IFX: When did you realize that you wanted to make soccer your life career? And when did you discover this was doable?
Gonzalo: After my first year in Germany I had the opportunity to come back into a Soccer Internat. It was in a small town so everything was about soccer. People from all over the world came to play soccer. So with the time I felt the passion growing in me and that year I decide that I wanted to be professional and do this everyday.

IFX: Tell us about how you met IFX and how has this relationship flourished throughout the years?Gonzalo: My first contact with them was via internet. I wanted to come to Germany to learn a new language, but continue playing soccer, so my parents found IFX. We did a lot of research and everything was good. With the time I come closer to them and now we have a very good relationship.

IFX: In your experience, what has been the factor that allowed you to move up divisions almost every year and how has it helped you to mature in both ways, professionally and personally?
Gonzalo: I always try to play in the highest level possible. Ambition and will is what makes me always go higher. I am not satisfied playing in a good league I want to play in the best league. Self criticism too, only I can do something to become better and not only as a player, but as a person too. I am more mature since a came here, you need to be able to control a lot of emotions, soccer is not only physical but mental too, that helps me to become a better person.

IFX: Tell us about the process you went through for the trials and practice with your new team and the moment they told you are in.
Gonzalo: I was nervous my first training, it was a 4th league team and this was my first year playing in a Mens team. I was two weeks in tryouts and every time I went to training I was kind of nervous. By the time they told me I’m in it was a relief for me and a happy moment. They give all my training kits and I sign my first contract. It was a very happy moment.

IFX: Tell us more about your new club, the roster, technical staff, fans, facilities, league you play and expectations as a team.
Gonzalo: I play for TSV Rain in the 4th league of Germany. We play in a small stadium and every game we have around of 400 people watching it. The technical staff are always there for us, they help me a lot my first weeks. My teams are very experience players who had play before in professional leagues. The expectation from the team is to not relegate, so next year we can play again in the same league.

IFX: Please your final words and what would you tell to those young players who wants to make soccer their life career.
Gonzalo: I will tell them to focus a lot on what they really want to do, being a soccer player requires a lot of sacrifice and hard work. It is not an easy path, the motivation needs to be there and to not give up. Always try to do your best and as I said before soccer is also a mental sport, so you need to learn how to control your self.

IFX: Thanks Gonzalo and all the best this season.

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