German Soccer team SK LAUF signs ex Atlantic FC Joseph Paone


It is Official! Former Atlantic FC winger Joseph Paone (22) has been confirmed for the roster of German soccer team SK Lauf. The native from Mays Landing, New Jersey trained and trialed with both the second and first team impressing both coaches. “I was asked to come train three times and the third time was the charm. After the third training the coach finally has said they would like to have me on the team.” Joseph stated. Paone came to Germany as part of the Pro 30 Germany in June (soccer trials program) and it was during this period that he was offered to sign for SK Lauf, subsequently joining the Pro Year Germany program.

Sportklub Lauf is a club rich in history dating back to the year 1904. Located in Lauf an der Pegnitz, it owns teams competing in Bezirksliga, Kreisliga and U19 Landesliga. SK Lauf Chief coach, Aleksandar Abutovic, saw potential in Joseph during his trial period and he has brought him in to strengthen the right midfield for the team.  The season has begun and they already have two wins and one draw after the first three games, working to maintain their top third table position in the division before winter break.

“I think there are many great things about this club like the facility and the nice jerseys, but I think the best is the team’s chemistry. Everyone is a family and I felt very welcomed and comfortable here with SK Lauf. Germans are very tactical and very technical. Always 2 touch passing and always working hard 110%. I can and I love playing right forward/wing. Before I signed for SK Lauf the team already made me feel part of the club and made new friends instantly.” Paone explained.


As a part of Pro Year Germany – a program that enables student footballers to live, study and play soccer in Germany – Paone attends a German Language School in Nürnberg. Reaching fluency in the German language will enable Paone to not only communicate better with his new teammates but also navigate in the German society and culture on a daily basis which is the corner stone of our different programs around the world. Joseph highlighted the fact that many people in Germany speak English and they are always open to speak in English and teach you German as well.

  • “I would definitely recommend IFX if you consider seeing yourself grow as a human being and grow tremendously as an athlete. Nothing is easy in this world but with repetition and hard work you will grow every day.”

“Everyone within the program are very cool and unique. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and we all are here on the same mission and journey. The IFX practices are so awesome because everyone plays on different clubs and you can see everyone growing individually. There is a huge difference from playing club leagues here and playing academy soccer in the US.” Joseph has a tight schedule comprised of language school Monday – Thursday, club trainings Tuesdays and Thursdays, IFX trainings Wednesdays and Fridays, and club matches on Fridays or Sundays.

The city of Nuremberg itself, where the Pro Year Germany program takes place, is very lively with so many things to do during the day and at night. One of the most memorable experience Joseph had so far was paying just 10 euros to watch the international Paris Saint German (PSG) vs local and Bundesliga Club 1.FC Nürnberg.

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