Regionalliga SV Seligenporten signs IFX Goalkeeper Chris Kallenbach


Pyrbaum, Germany. As part of Winter transfer market in Germany, we are pleased to communicate that former freshman goalkeeper of Georgia Southwestern State University and Pro IFX Germany Goalkeeper Chris Kallenbach (19), has been signed by SV Seligenporten to play for their first team Regionalliga squad. SV Seligenporten is a Bavarian soccer team from the beautiful city of Pyrbaum and competes in the highly competitive Regionalliga Bayern (the highest association football league in the state of Bavaria and the fourth tier of the German football league system, below the 3. Bundesliga).

The soccer trial process all happened very quickly, as winter transfer sometimes do, with the January 31st deadline just around the corner. Kallenbach was notified the night before by IFX Germany representative that Seligenporten was in need of another goalkeeper and that they wished to have him on trial the following day. After only one session, Seligenporten made an offer to the young keeper for the Hinrunde (2nd half of 2018-19 season) and both parties quickly came to an agreement before the close of the winter transfer window. "I’m expecting to grow a lot as a player and develop and really take my game to the next level. I expect I’ll benefit a lot from the excellent training and atmosphere of the club", stated Kallenbach shortly after his signing.


Chris is a talented right-handed goalkeeper with excellent distribution and shot stopping, characterized by strong technique and exceptional discipline. This season he will be led by coach Roger Prinzen who is pleased to add another quality player to his team and join efforts to climb up the Regionalliga Bayern table. When asked about his overall experience of living and playing soccer overseas, Kallenbach elaborated:

  • Chris spent the past season playing for Men´s soccer Georgia Southwestern State University but decided to apply for the Pro IFX Germany Program because he was looking for a way to get signed to a professional club and start his career as a pro player.

I feel very comfortable in Germany. The experience I’ve had here has been very interesting. It’s obviously a very different challenge living on my own in a foreign country, but I think I’ve gained a lot from it. And of course I’ve benefited a lot from the soccer here as well.  What I like most about German soccer is how important possession here is, and especially since I’m a goalkeeper I really enjoy being involved so much in the buildup of play. I feel very happy in my new club. I’m excited to be playing at such a high level in German soccer and it’s definitely been a great experience so far. My teammates have been very welcoming. They all speak very good English so that was quite helpful, and everyone was very nice and talked to me and all that when I first joined. And now that I’ve been there a little while I’ve made friends in the team.

As part of the cultural integration of living in a new country, Chris attends German language classes several times per week and receives ongoing support for day-to-day details from IFX representatives in Germany. "The German classes are going well. I already knew a decent amount of German so it’s been a nice review of the stuff I learned a while ago and it’s all starting to come back to me now. I’ve really adjusted to life in Germany. Transportation was the thing that seemed like the biggest challenge for me since I’m used to having a car and with how extensive the public transportation system is here. But it didn’t take me too long to get the hang of it and now it’s quite easy to get around", said Kallenbach.

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